WFT to pick a new name after 2021 season

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team
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The Washington Football Team will have a proper football team name again, eventually.

On Tuesday, the organization launched a website that will chronicle the team’s search for a new name. allows fans to submit their own ideas for a new name for the franchise.

The organization retired its former nickname last year, under mounting pressure from Native American groups, some fans, some media, and key sponsors. Given the practical challenges when it comes to securing appropriate trademark protection, the organization opted for “Washington Football Team” in 2020.

It remains possible, in theory, that the journey ends with the franchise’s current name. If, for example, the Washington Football Team gets to the Super Bowl in 2021, there could be strong public sentiment to keep the non-name name.

Regardless of where the effort ends, it’s a smart way to make the process transparent, and to involve fans. Above all else, it turns a negative situation into something that could become a positive development for the organization.

39 responses to “WFT to pick a new name after 2021 season

  1. Washington Football Team is quite honest the most lamest and uncreative excuse of a team name I have ever heard of.

  2. Washington Football Club seems like a preferable temporary name but we went to the playoffs with WFT.

  3. This name change is literally the only thing interesting about the team. And it not bad news or about some terrible owner. The longer they drag it out the better it will be for them.

  4. HeavyD says:

    They play in Washington DC.


    No they play in Landover, Maryland lol

  5. There is a lot of revenue being lost isn’t there?
    One would thing that they would have come up with a name early last year.

    Or just announce they would retire the name REDSKINS *AFTER* the 2020 the season and are holding a contest for a new name.

    This strikes me as bush league and poorly run. Dan Snyder may not be a nice person but he earned a lot of money and successful businessmen don’t run things haphazardly.

  6. I’m really hoping they’re delaying this to give potential new owners the ability to create their own name. otherwise this is ridiculous to take this long, there are multiple strong ideas out there already, otherwise they can just ask Miles Finch.

  7. I’ll freely admit I never wanted them to change the name to start (I’m not a fan though, so I guess my opinion is probably irrelevant). But in a way maybe WFT is kind of fitting. They’re a franchise that’s been around for a LONG time, and just sticking with WFT gives it a classic feel with the numbers on the helmets, sort of like the browns with their look and history in the league. I guess it grew on me over time.

  8. They’ve made the playoffs every year they’ve been Football Team. This Football Team is superior to the former football team

  9. Being how they tend to “Replace” players yearly..The Washington Sentinels in memory of the movie seems appropriate..and kinda catchy.

  10. Thank goodness. And get a real NFL helmet Sadly it won’t be as good as the one you had. But anything will be better than mailbox numbers

  11. I’ve been through the season
    On a team with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the playoffs, you can’t remember their name
    ‘Cause they were ‘one and done’ with no fans at the game

  12. I’ve been through the season
    On a team with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the playoffs, you can’t remember their name
    ‘Cause they were ‘one and done’ with no fans at the game

  13. Who cares about the name. It’s the boring colors that need changing. I would like to see blue, yellow, and black. No sports team has that combination of colors.

  14. They already ripped off Alabama’s uniform design.

    Just call them the Maroon Tide and be done with it.

  15. As a fan of the team, a new name can’t come fast enough. I get the temporary placeholder name and am glad they didn’t rush into anything. But they need an actual name.

    Whenever I their current name in a graphic on tv, it looks like an ad for a product that can be personalized saying “Your Name Here.”

  16. The Washington District 2 (Hunger games reference). Stands for hard work and defense which is what type of culture that Ron Rivera instills in them. Also a punn for the goal of the current administration in that area. So I find it pretty fitting.

  17. There is literally no trademark protection for a name like the Washington Football Team. Thus, anyone can put that name on merchandise to sell. That means a reduce value to the WFT and the NFL. So while, sure, if the WFT won the Super Bowl and the fans wanted to keep the name, I can assure that the NFL and its marketing partners have a different view and that is the one that will control.

  18. For the 50th time, go with Washington Sentinels. Put this in effect now. Washington Sentinels!!!

  19. Not a fan of the team, so don’t really care. But, why does it take 2 years to come up with a name?!

  20. I’d rather they call the team the DC (whatever) than the Washington (whatever). They don’t represent the State of Washington. They represent DC. But they’d have to be careful. Calling the team the DC Spectre could get them sued by DC.

  21. They are waiting to get the ownership issues squared away before proceeding. 40% of the team is currently for sale and they want the new minority partners to be a part of the process

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