Chris Godwin gave up No. 12 to Tom Brady as a “respect thing”

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Colts receiver Michael Pittman Jr. isn’t willing to give up No. 11 to new Colts quarterback Carson Wentz. Last season, Buccaneers receiver Chris Godwin didn’t hesitate to surrender No. 12 to then-new Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Appearing Tuesday on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Godwin explained his decision to change his number from 12 to 14.

“The quarterback is definitely in charge of a lot of things when it comes to receivers, so like I think it was a good move for me to start our relationship off on a good foot,” Godwin said. “As I got to know Tom, I quickly realized that like even if I didn’t give him the number, that he’s a guy that wouldn’t have held on too long to that. But for me, my decision was literally just a respect thing. One thing I hope is that, you know, down the road if I’m ever in that similar situation, that like a young guy would respect me and respect the work that I’ve done my entire career to let me get the number from him.”

Godwin made it clear that he’s not saying Pittman should do the same thing.

“That’s not to say one decision is right and one is wrong,” Godwin said. “Maybe Carson wants a different number, and like maybe they discussed that. I can’t really be one to tell you if a guy’s making the right decision or not. But for me it was the best move for me to give Tom the number And, shoot, it worked out for me, you know? . . . If you had told me at the beginning of the year, ‘If you give you give Tom number 12, y’all are gonna win the Super Bowl this year,’ man, you can take 12, you can take whatever number you want.”

Brady supposedly would have worn No. 7 if Godwin hadn’t given up No. 12. Whether in 12 or 7 or some other number, Brady likely still would have gotten Lombardi No. 7.

Pittman could still change his mind and give Wentz No. 11. Also, if the Colts wanted to do it, they could reclaim No. 11 from Pittman and give it to Wentz. At the end of the day, it’s just a number — even if some players attach extreme significance to the number they wear.

21 responses to “Chris Godwin gave up No. 12 to Tom Brady as a “respect thing”

  1. Pittman was there first, why should he?

    If it’s about respect, Wentz has a lot to prove. I wouldn’t be completely shocked if he’s one and done. I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes back to being a top 10 quarterback. There’s a wide range of outcomes there.

  2. Here’s the problem with Brady taking #7. Next year it would have to be 8, and the year after, 9.

  3. Ummm. There is a world of difference between a player of Tom Brady’s talent and Carson Wentz. Tom has won 7 Super Bowls and Carson has taken 7 snaps in post season games.

    I don’t think Pittman is under any obligation to change numbers

  4. Are we seriously comparing Carson Wentz to Tom Brady and the level of respect they deserve? C’mon man. Wentz is lucky he doesn’t have to share a locker.

  5. It’s just a number….

    To clarify… It may just be a number but for those who believe in numerology and associated predictions, player number can make a difference…Just saying…

  6. Some would argue there is a significant difference in the NFL pedigree between Tom Brady and Carson Wentz. And that is a winning argument.

  7. No player owns a number although there might be an odd contract or two out there. The team gives it to you and can reassign it anytime they like.They might alienate a player by doing so but I think the Bucs would risk hurting Chris Godwin’s feeling if it came down to it.Then too you have the locker room. Who does this guy think he is? Just only the greatest of all time,that’s who.

  8. Brady vs Wentz—it’s different. Brady was in the league for 20 years and saw amazing success during that time. Brady had the TB12 trademark. Everyone knows Brady as #12. Wentz is kind of the opposite case- I didn’t know his number til this controversy came about. If I were Wentz I would want a new start with a new number.

  9. Trust me. Tom Brady did not just take the uniform and go “thanks dude”. I have a feeling Godwin is not talking about any compensation for the number because Tom Brady pays in cash.

  10. Pittman is under no obligation to give Wentz the number.

    Of course, Pittman might find himself at the bottom of Wentz’ “get the ball to him” list.

    (Not that Wentz has EVER indicated he could be so immature and petty, has he?)

  11. If Wentz is concerned about the number issue (and I don’t know that he is) then it is just another piece of evidence that his head’s not in the right place. He should be figuring out how to quickly read a defense and get rid of the football and not care what number is on his jersey.

  12. Doesn’t matter if it’s Tom Brady or Carson Wentz, the QB is the single most valuable position in American sports. That’s why they get paid the most in the NFL. Also, deciding not to give up a silly number is a great way to lessen your targets. Nice move, #11.

  13. It’s not as if Pittman has earned the right to keep his number, either. We also don’t know

    Look…this has nothing to do with whether or not Wentz is as good as Brady. By that standard, no QB would ever be able to ask for a number from anyone, because arguably, nobody’s played the position more successfully than Brady.

    It has to do with the importance of the QB position. As Godwin points out, everything revolves around that position. If Pittman really wants to win, he’ll do the good teammate thing, and show everyone in the locker room that a., he’s putting the team ahead of himself because, after all, it’s just a number, b., he’s all in on his new QB, and c., he’s setting the example suggesting that everyone rally around the new guy.

    Instead, he chose to

  14. flajoe12 says:
    February 24, 2021 at 10:51 am
    Wentz can take #19! Means nothing to Indy fans!


    If the name and the uniform mean something to Indy fans, then that number *better* mean something to them.

  15. I love that Brady’s back-up plan if Godwin didn’t want to give up #12 was to wear #7 because TB was aiming for his 7th ring.

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