Terry Fontenot thinks Falcons in “prime spot” with No. 4 pick

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There are a handful of quarterbacks who are expected to be among the top picks in the 2021 NFL Draft, which could lead to a big trade offer from a team in need of a quarterback to one that is looking for other things.

It’s not clear where the Falcons fall on that spectrum. General Manager Terry Fontenot has shared his belief that “you always bring in quarterbacks” and Matt Ryan turns 36 in May, so some have wondered if they may look to the future of the position this year.

Ryan’s play hasn’t hit a level where finding a successor is an immediate need, however, and Fontenot left every option open when discussing his feelings about having the fourth pick in the draft with reporters on Tuesday.

“There are so many different scenarios,” Fontenot said, via Tori McElhaney of TheAthletic.com. “There are going to be some really good players there at No. 4. We can move up, and we can move down and acquire more picks. There’s just a lot of different scenarios to really go through. It’s a prime spot to be in. It’s not somewhere that we want to be in very often with this team, but we are going to take advantage of that and be open to all possibilities.”

Jacksonville is expected to take Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick, but there’s not much certainty about what the teams with the next few picks are going to do in April and that should make for plenty of comments like Fontenot’s when discussions of draft plans come up in the next couple of months.

8 responses to “Terry Fontenot thinks Falcons in “prime spot” with No. 4 pick

  1. I could see Fontenot and Arthur Smith attempting to trade down and fortify the trenches. I am pretty sure the Falcons don’t have any DEs under contract that aren’t possible cap casualties, and Jake Matthews makes a lot of coin at LT. I’d be a fan of this move, and a QB hungry team might be willing to give up a decent haul to take the 4th spot. Might as well get some rookies on cheap deals that are part of the new regimes vision while simultaneously help the cap situation. If it happens to be an option and the deal is right, trade down.

  2. Falcons don’t need a QB. All the media talk of them trading Ryan makes no sense. The new GM walked into a great position in terms of draft currency and teams looking to trade up. Falcons could select an excellent player at 4 or trade back and select a perhaps slightly less excellent player a little later, plus gain even more draft stock. If they draft a QB, that increases media created drama and does nothing to improve their roster.

  3. Tricky spot for them. Ryan’s not at his peak but most teams would love a QB as good as he is right now. That either makes him good enough to build around or good enough to trade. And how often will they have the #4 draft pick?

    Seems like a good chance to pick up the best non-QB player at #4 or trade down a little to help fill out their team.

  4. How unusual is it that the top three teams in this draft (Jags, Jets, Dolphins) each have two picks in the first round?

    I wonder if that will affect their willingness to trade down, or balloon the cost in non-1st-round picks.

  5. This thread reminded me how ugly it can get for super bowl teams.

    San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philidelphia, Atlanta and Carolina all had precipitous drops.

    New England seemed to be in a super bowl almost every year until last year. KC, Denver and Seattle all made it to two in close proximity but talk of dynasties has disappeared.

    It’s been over 10 years since Pittsburgh has been in a super bowl.

    With the exception of NE, the NFL has succeeded in sharing the Lombardi Trophy over the last two decades.

  6. It’s time to rebuild, get what you can for Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Todd Gurley, Dante Fowler, and so on. Keep Ridley and build for the future.

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