With all signs pointing to Drew Brees retiring, will he actually retire?

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Three weeks ago today, Saints coach Sean Payton said on PFT Live that the team expected an announcement from quarterback Drew Brees regarding his future within a week or a week and a half.

The silence from Brees has become deafening. All signs continue to point to retirement, with the biggest piece of evidence being a new contract that slashed his 2021 salary by nearly $24 million in order to allow the Saints to carry a reduced cap number until June 2, at which time his retirement would be processed in order to split the cap charge over two years, 2021 and 2022.

Per the NFL, the Saints would still be able to officially place Brees on the reserve-retired list on June 2 even if he announces his retirement now. Thus, that’s not the impediment.

So what’s truly going on here? Could it be that Brees is actually thinking about playing in 2021, even with a base salary of only $1.075 million?

Until he provides a clear answer, it’s impossible to rule it out. And even if Brees exited the Superdome after a playoff loss to the Buccaneers thinking that it was over, maybe the ability of Tampa Bay to win the Super Bowl has persuaded Brees that the Saints, who swept Tampa Bay in the regular season, still have a chance to cap his career with a second Super Bowl victory.

By all appearances, the Saints are ready to move on. If Brees decides to give it another go at 41, would the Saints welcome him back or cut the cord? G.M. Mickey Loomis has said Brees can play for the Saints as long as he wants; if he’s willing to do it for only $1.075 million in 2021, it will be hard for Loomis to say no. The question then becomes whether coach Sean Payton would re-install Brees as the starter, or keep him as an incredibly inexpensive backup to Taysom Hill, Jameis Winston, or someone else.

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  1. If he played for $1M, the detractors calling him greedy would have to shift to calling him old and unable to throw downfield.

  2. Give Taysom Hill the starting job already. A dual-threat qb is what this team needs. They don’t have the O-line to protect Brees anymore. Jameis Winston is probably a better TE at this point than he is a QB.

  3. Brees as a back-up? No way, right? He pulls the plug if Peyton does this. I can’t imagine seeing a healthy Brees on the sideline holding a clipboard.

  4. He would be dumb to not retire at this point. Just like Roethlisberger, he can’t throw the ball accurately beyond twenty yards. You can get a great half season out of either one, but at the end of the day, the team will collapse later on when it matters most without consistent play.

  5. Brees is a great QB, but it sure seems like he’s done – physically, at least. Plus, the Saints have generally been on-the-bubble of taking the next step of getting back to the SB for most of the last decade, but it hasn’t happened.

    Well – they got shut down once by a freak play that let the Vikings advance in the playoffs, and then we all know about the playoff game a few years ago where the refs allowed Saints receivers to get mauled before the ball got there (it was two identical plays in the same drive, not just one).

    So some bad luck and bad officiating. But still, just say goodbye Drew.

  6. C’mon. If Brees returns, he’s not coming in as a backup to anyone. He’d be the starter, the Saints would likely keep Hill since he’s a weapon who can help Brees and Winston would go elsewhere. (Bears, pay attention if this happens.)

  7. I’d be willing to bet New Orleans will wait until Drew starts the season as their starting quarterback, and then at the first game of the season when Drew has them close to the 50 yard line they’ll pause the game, and Drew will announce his retirement to a roaring faithful crowd. He’ll be presented with a hand written card which reads thanks for the memories, and his kids will rush the field crying. Oh how New Orleans loves a little drama 🙄

  8. It is obvious to everyone the Brees’ arm isn’t close to what it used to be. For the past few seasons, he’s been relying on his thorough knowledge of the offense to get by. He puts the ball in the spot where the receiver will be according to the route. The problem is he cannot throw into tight windows any more and he doesn’t pose any threat on deep passes. Brees has had a great career, but it’s time for him to hang ’em up.

  9. Walk away while you still can. Hill as the starter? Trying for a top pick next year? He is almost 30 and still doesnt have a grip on the playbook that has been in front of him for years. They wont start Hill for the whole season. Injured or benched. That’s why winston is staying.

  10. If he doesn’t retire & plays, the cap hit ramifications are huge, I suspect? He won’t play for 1M this coming season unless the money in the proceeding years get somehow triggered into guaranteed compensation.

  11. His arm isn’t what it use to be. He should retire, he had a great career and made a ton of money.

  12. If he does not retire it is not because he wants to win. He wants to pad his stats more, even at the expense of crippling his team. The biggest stats padder ever.

  13. Released, signs with Bears for one day and we finally get the hall of fame QB we’ve been banging on about since Halas passed. I knew the McCaskey’s would eventually come through.

  14. No win for him. If he continues to play he will be skewered by the media, his big gamble is if he wins a SB, which is not going to happen, and will be seen by the media as a cash grab. He’s got young kids. take time with them not the NFL.

  15. Brees is waiting to see the NFLs script for this season to determine a course of action.

  16. eyeH8whitey says:
    February 24, 2021 at 11:21 am
    Old noodle arm is done
    Brees had a higher completion percentage then Brady, or Mahommes. I’m sure you think both those QBs should hang it up as well.

  17. There’s no conversation of being a back-up thats moronic. He’ll either give it another go or retire. I’m guessing retire

  18. I think it’s time for Brees to move on…but if he’s willing to play for only a million bucks, I’d drag it out another year. You’re not going to find a better option for anywhere near that number, even if he has reached and passed the hill’s peak and is gaining momentum on the way down.

  19. I think he comes back. He wants to have one final season with the adulation of the fans in the stadium. He’s a bigger narcissist than he lets on.

  20. He can’t let Brady shatter all his records. He will limp onto the field for 1mil, those yards are important to him!

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