Chris Godwin on possibility of tag: I’ll play on it and go back to war with my guys

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Chris Godwin would prefer to remain in Tampa, and he’d prefer a long-term deal. He might not get both.

The Buccaneers want to keep Godwin.

The best way for the Bucs to keep the receiver is to apply the franchise tag.

“Yeah, I mean, the way I look at it, similar to like a lot of guys,” Godwin told MJ Acosta of NFL Media. “Obviously, we all want to have long-term security; we all want to be able to take care of the people that we love. So that’s the ideal situation. But, you know, a franchise tag is not something that I can control. If that’s what keeps me here, then that’s what it is. And I’ll play on it and go back to war with my guys. Like I said, I love it here in in Tampa. I love what we have building, and I would love to stay.”

Teams have until March 9 to designate franchise players. The Bucs tagged pass rusher Shaquil Barrett last year and could tag him again this year.

Godwin, a third-round choice in 2019, vowed Wednesday not to put himself in a miserable situation for a few extra dollars. Still, if the Bucs don’t tag him, Godwin might make more money elsewhere.

Godwin, 25, made $4.65 million on his rookie deal. The franchise tag for receivers is $16.4 million for 2021.

20 responses to “Chris Godwin on possibility of tag: I’ll play on it and go back to war with my guys

  1. Tagging him results in a $12M increase in pay?? Before I did that, I’m going to offer him more years, with security in guaranteed compensation for injury. He is worthy of $15M for next four years.

  2. They’re not paying Godwin $16M. Just let him walk and stop the nonsense. You have plenty of offense. Resign Suh, David, Gronk, AB, and Succup. Restructure Smith and Jensen. Cut or trade Gholston and Brate or Howard. Let Godwin, Barrett, and Fournette walk. Draft defense. Sign a couple ring chasers and friends of Brady. WIN SUPER BOWL.

  3. Ive been to Afghanistan and Iraq. What I see on sundays @ Raymond James is nothing Would call “war”

  4. Considering his age and this year’s low cap number, getting the franchise tag could be a great outcome for him unless he has a catastrophic injury next season.
    With a full camp with Brady, having an injury-free season, and a much bigger cap in 2022, he could come out with a bigger payout then from signing a contract this offseason.

  5. At 25 you have to cash in cause at 28 you are now in the club house looking at the back nine of your career. If you don’t cash in now you never will.

  6. Smart guy, Tampa definitely needs to keep him long term after this year, or give him some backloaded contract with bonuses to offset. This is good for CG, get top dollar for 1 year on the tag, and you should have an even better season than he did last year, and possibly repeat. He will get an even bigger contract next time around, not to mention no FL state tax and also all that endorsement money and exposure he’s going to get playing with Brady and being SB champs.

  7. The last guy that blabbered on about being a warrior is in prison for rape. You play a game; nothing less, and certainly nothing more.

  8. With no Florida state taxes & great team, Bucs may be able to beat out other teams without having to offer the same amount of money.

  9. Uh oh, he said “war.” Here come all the people out there that don’t understand metaphors.

  10. Brady is much more than just a QB who can throw accurate passes. He gets a whole team full of grown men to believe in themselves, and pushes for perfection. There’s nobody else who can do that. And when Tommy leaves, all that energy goes with him. Enjoy it folks. You’re seeing something that’s very rare.

  11. They have very little cap space and yet they are going to franchise him? There goes signing any of their other free agents.

  12. Godwin is not worth keeping at $15 mil – Brady is able to connect with Evans, Brown, Miller, Johnson and they can find another guy to replace Godwin for less.

  13. Did he say ‘WAR’? From the State of Florida? Is this a covert message from Governor DeSantis & Trump to RESIST the current corrupted WH?

  14. I never saw him on the battlefields of geonosis, where my brothers in the 501st led the charge. How dare he say war,

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