ESPN: Matthew Judon’s “personal attacks” on Jamison Hensley were “completely uncalled for”


Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon reacted to a report that he didn’t appreciate with an over-the-top threat to release photos of the reporter in a strip club. Judon’s agent has declined to comment on the matter. On Thursday afternoon, ESPN issued a statement.

“We stand by Jamison Hensley’s reporting, and Hensley added Matt Judon’s perspective within the story,” an ESPN spokesperson told PFT via email. “Regardless, the since-deleted personal attacks toward him were completely uncalled for.”

Judon did indeed delete the tweet containing the threat to release photos of Hensley in a strip club. Some have wondered whether the threat amounts to extortion in violation of the law. Others have shrugged at the threat, given that Hensley has every right to go to a strip club, if he wants.

The incident becomes conspicuous because such extreme reactions are rare. If that kind of threat is ever justified (and it’s hard to envision a situation in which it would be), it was much more than Hensley’s report about Judon’s supposed rejection of a long-term offer would warrant.

The Ravens have still not responded to a request for comment on the matter. They currently have to decide whether to apply the franchise tag to Judon if they can’t sign him to a long-term deal before the window for applying the tag closes on March 9.

Because the Ravens tagged Judon in 2020, his franchise tender for 2021 would be determined by applying a 20-percent raise. That would push his pay from $16.808 million last year to $20.17 million this year.

12 responses to “ESPN: Matthew Judon’s “personal attacks” on Jamison Hensley were “completely uncalled for”

  1. Threatening to release strip club photos as retribution implies that there’s something wrong with going to a strip club.

    Critical thinkers will immediately realize – the only way to get said pics was to be there yourself. So you’re “bad” too.

    Someone didn’t think this through.

  2. Wait – so the media can post pics of players at a strip club, but the public cant post pictures of the media at the strip club?

  3. Hang on a sec, isn’t blackmail usually the press’s schtick?

    So it’s fine when they do it but when the tables get turned …

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of blackmail by anyone but of all people the press crying foul about someone threatening to expose a scandal when the tables are turned makes me chuckle

  4. I like how the supposed LAWYER thinks the issue is if he has a right to go to a strip club?? what does that have to do with the price of potatoes? I’ll take a public defender for $100 Alex

  5. Perhaps the reporter should have made sure of his facts BEFORE he started publishing? Throwing something out there than asking Judon to add to the story seems like an unfair deal to me…..

  6. The adult in me says Hensley over reached then Judon reacted childishly. Both messed up. It happens. Unfortunately it happened over social media and became something for everyone.

  7. My guess is, the ESPN reporter is going to be a lock more certain of what he’s writing next time around!

  8. Hensley has been nothing but professional since Judon’s twitter temper tantrum started. Judon is the one that looks bad here basically cause his “threat” is meaningless, which makes him seem not very intelligent. Money obviously doesn’t make guys grow up and Deshaun Watson and Judon are perfect examples of it.

  9. I cannot wait until Judon is out of Baltimore. I was always upset they kept Judon over Zadarius. Time to send him packing.

  10. Hemsley will be in Baltimore a lot longer than Judon. Seems like a little childish of Judon. I’m sure he’s never been in a strip club. SMH.

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