Frank Reich: The standard of QB play has been set for this franchise

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers
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The Colts and Eagles have agreed to a trade that will send Carson Wentz to Indianapolis. But until the deal becomes official at the start of the new league year next month, neither Colts nor Eagles officials can comment on it.

Still, Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich addressed the media on Thursday afternoon. Without saying Wentz’s name — because that would be tampering — Reich made it clear how important it is that Wentz play well for the team’s ultimate success.

“Getting good QB play is something that is necessary to win a world championship. And in this franchise the standard has been set,” Reich said, via Stephen Holder of “We need to continue to have that kind of play.

Peyton Manning is the most obvious example of that standard for the Colts, and he’s just been elected to the Hall of Fame. Then there’s Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas, going back to the team’s time in Baltimore. Even since Reich has been head coach, the franchise has started the likes of Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers behind center.

A few years ago, Carson Wentz was performing at that level. But after the 2020 season, Wentz and Reich need to recapture whatever worked in 2017 when Reich was Philadelphia’s offensive coordinator.

If Wentz continues playing like he did in 2020, the Colts won’t have a quarterback close to the franchise’s standard.

7 responses to “Frank Reich: The standard of QB play has been set for this franchise

  1. I sincerely hope that all the drama was the Eagles front office. Liars believe their own lies quite often. The contract isn’t really that bad when you realize how much some other aging starters price tags. He has weapons, a competitive team, solid coaching that he likes and leaders in the right places to shoulder some pressure. Resign TY and Mack if the pricing makes team sense.

  2. Carson Wentz had a couple good games a few years ago but remember Nick Foles won the Superbowl which means that team was stacked. If your backup can win it all than the team has talent. With the same talent the next year how did Wentz do? I shouldn’t make these comments because if Carson sees them he may start to cry and pout and want to quit reading this site.

  3. MARY my words if not 2021 then 2022 the Colts will be in the Superbowl the Eagles will never admit it but they grossly mishandled this (to no ones surprise)

  4. Yikes. You’re bringing in an emotionally fragile and broken QB on a trade, and the first thing you say is; “you better play as well as our former Hall of Famers!”? Good lord, what a disaster this is going to be.

  5. A change of scenery has done well for a lot of QBs in their careers. Maybe getting out of Philly and that toxic environment is all this small town boy needs. I for one would not want to live in Philadelphia and I was born and raised in PA.

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