Georgia lineman Ben Cleveland hopes to set bench press record at Pro Day

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Georgia offensive lineman Ben Cleveland has long been celebrated for his weight room feats, and he hopes to perform another one for NFL scouts.

Cleveland says he’s hoping that at Georgia’s Pro Day, he can break the NFL Scouting Combine record for the bench press, which is currently 49 reps of 225 pounds, set by Oregon State defensive tackle Stephen Paea in 2011.

“I’ve always been pretty good in the weight room. We’re going to try see if we can’t set the bench press record for that. We’re going to give it a shot,” Cleveland told the Athens Banner-Herald.

The 6-foot-6 Cleveland weighed in at 354 pounds at the Senior Bowl but says he has lost a little weight in the last month and is down to about 345 now.

More important than his size and strength is that Cleveland was a first-team All-SEC guard for the Bulldogs.

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  1. That will be impressive indeed if he can do that at 6’6. Tall/long armed guys are at a significant disadvantage bench pressing. That said, how will it transfer to the field? In the case of Steven Paea it got him a 2nd round contract with the Bears but his NFL career was very average, injury prone and not terribly long.

  2. An offensive lineman who is 6’6,, 350 lbs, & 1st team All SEC? Not a sexy pic for the media, but that’s how you win NFL games.

  3. Only managed 37 last time I tried. Fifty reps is no joke. Standing overhead press has more practical carryover than the flat OR the incline bench to the field, but nevertheless

  4. For you down voters who obviously never played or trained for the game please go watch a tutorial on the 5 man blocking sled. Proper technique is to engage with palms open and thumbs up then extend up into a full extension then move the defensive player backwards. You don’t just push him back. You lift and push. And that’s why flat is not a great indicator for blocking. Inclines and overheads like the other guy said. This doesn’t mean flat bench is obsolete or a poor indicator of strength. It just means it’s not the end all be all best indicator of blocking strength. Look it up.

  5. Bench press is used as an indicator of work ethic as well as strength. Teams know that the player put in the time and the effort. A weak performance shows the opposite. This is important in the professional game where you often can’t just get by on natural ability.

  6. Oh please folks.
    Stop trying to be expert on bench pressing.
    Anybody who has ever lifted weights knows what it is and what it feels like.

    Let’s face it, about 99.999999 percent of what they have NFL prospects do in the “Underwear Olympics” has absolutely NO bearing on how their feats of strength translate to the field. None. Zero. Nada. INCLUDING bench pressing.

    Know what it tells you? It tells you how many times a guy can press 225 lbs.

  7. That is absolutely insane to push that amount of weight on a barbell for that many reps consecutively… if you’ve ever racked up 225lbs, you know how heavy it feels. I’d be lucky to do 50 reps of the bar itself!

  8. I guess if he ever ends up on his back at the bottom of a pile/scrum, he can “bench press” a body or two off of him.

  9. It is one measuring stick. It does show upper body strength and endurance. Most incoming ol and dl prospects need improvement in upper body strength.

  10. Bench, Incline Bench, Military Press all of them are good. An OL needs that power for their ‘Punch’

  11. I remember some skill players (wideouts, db’s) who could not bench didley at the combine. Guess what? They sucked for the most part in the NFL. No work ethic. I could name names, but you can probably think of a few.

  12. I swear, some of you guys will argue about anything. How about we all just wish this big young fella well?

  13. I wish the big fella well. Let’s also take a moment to remember and appreciate that Shaquem Griffin benched 225 for 20 reps with one hand. Incredible

  14. Let me tell you something brother, all you gotta do is train, say your prayers, and eat your “vitamins”.

  15. I’d like to bang out 50 push ups without a break.

    Losing the 9 lbs is going to help with all the rest of the underwear olympics, but thinks he’s going to wish he had it back for the bench.

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