Quinnen Williams would be disappointed if he’s traded

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When word of Deshaun Watson‘s desire to be traded first surfaced this offseason, the Jets were one of the teams mentioned as a possible bidder for his services.

Discussion of what kind of package they’d have to put together centers on their four first-round picks over the next two season, but it has also included defensive tackle Quinnen Williams. Williams’ second NFL season was a clear improvement on his rookie campaign and he said on CBS Sports Radio that he’d like to continue progressing as a member of the Jets.

“Yeah, I’d be disappointed,” Williams said. “I really want to be a Jet for life. I like New York and I want to play in New York. I’d be disappointed if they traded me and didn’t tell me.”

The Jets may be moving on from Sam Darnold even if they don’t trade for Watson and Williams said that he’ll be on board with “whatever decision the head coach and the G.M. and the owners make.” As long as that decision isn’t to send him elsewhere, of course.

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  1. If Quinnen Williams wants to play in New York he needs to request a trade to New York’s only football team: Buffalo.

  2. The Jets have a really good shot to build a young team that can win finally. They have a lot of draft Capitol and imo a good young QB. They should keep Darnold and draft him protection and weapons. The only QB that they should take over Darnold is Lawrence and if they had the first pick it was a no-brainer. The other QBs in the draft are risky. Trading for Watson is too expensive, Russell Wilson would be too much as well. Just build thru the draft and make sensible Free agent moves. Joe Douglas is smart, give him a chance to make that team good again. They made the right coaching hire too. Good luck NY, your fans deserve a good team.

  3. If I were the Jets I’d think long and hard before trading Q away just because he didn’t look like Aaron Donald his rookie year. This guy’s arrow is pointing straight up.

  4. Back in the day, the Steelers were the worst NFL team. They had the number one pick and they picked Terry Bradshaw. They also picked Joe Greene with a very early first round pick. Then they added Franco Harris, Jack Ham, Lynn Swann, and other high picks, and they hit on some later picks. But it was those top players that ended up turning them from the worst team to a four time Super Bowl champion. The Jets were a really bad team. They too had a lot of high picks. They were able to draft future HOFers like Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, Quinnen Williams, and Sam Darnold. But wait. They’ve already gotten rid of two of them and are thinking about getting rid of the other two. NFL history would be quite a bit different if the Steelers would have given up on Bradshaw and Joe Greene before they put it all together. This is sad to see. Who’s running that team anyway?

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