Sean McVay: Kevin O’Connell has huge influence on how we operate offensively

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
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The Rams made several changes to their coaching staff since the end of the season, but they made sure to keep offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell on hand.

After Brandon Staley made the move from Rams defensive coordinator to Chargers head coach, there was word that O’Connell was a candidate to run his offense. That was followed by a report that the Rams denied an interview request and head coach Sean McVay confirmed it in a Thursday video conference.

McVay calls the offensive plays for the Rams, but said that O’Connell has a lot of sway in how the offense operates while explaining why the team blocked the move.

“Kevin’s a great coach,” McVay said, via Stu Jackson of the team’s website. “He is our offensive coordinator. He has a huge say and a huge influence on how we want to operate, and I think even more so moving forward.”

O’Connell joined the Rams last year and served as the offensive coordinator for Washington in 2019. The former NFL quarterback has also coached with the 49ers and Browns.

3 responses to “Sean McVay: Kevin O’Connell has huge influence on how we operate offensively

  1. IF the Rams have a bad season he could be their coach in waiting. Next year, in addition to SF & Seattle twice, they have Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Chicago. Not an easy schedule. One major injury, particularly on defense, could derail the whole season.

  2. Andy Reid did not call plays in GB and Frank Reich did not call plays in Philly but both had a lot to do with the success of their respective offenses. I don’t think Reid was even an OC in GB. I am sure there is a reason McVay kept KOC. He let LaFleur leave before hand. Fun Fact KOC was drafted by Belichick in the 3rd Round as one of many possible insurance options for Brady. Brady has played more from the time they were drafted than he and Mallett. Garoppolo and even Stidham may be next.

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