Nate Solder wants to play in 2021

New York Giants v New England Patriots
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Giants tackle Nate Solder opted out in 2020. Nate Solder is opting back in for 2021.

The veteran lineman recently told Jordan Raanan of that Solder intends to play this season, “as long as the situation is right.”

Solder exercised his collectively-bargaining right to opt out last year, given the uncertainties of the pandemic. He’s due to make $10 million in 2021, with a cap charge of $16.5 million.

As we heard it last year, the Giants weren’t particularly upset that Solder opted out, since it took $10 million off the books. Don’t be shocked if the Giants decide to cut Solder on or before the start of the new league year on March 17.

Last year, the Giants made left tackle Andrew Thomas a first-round draft pick. The fact that he’d apply the “as long as the situation is right” caveat to his intention to play shows that it’s hardly automatic that he’ll walk through the door and rejoin the starting lineup in New York, either on the left side or the right. And if he’s not a presumed starter, there’s no reason to carry an eight-figure cap charge under his name.

Cutting Solder or trading him would create a $10.5 million cap charge for the Giants, and thus only $6 million in net cap savings. By designating him as a post-June 1 release (or by actually trading him after June 1), the Giants would take a $6.5 million charge this year and a $4 million charge next year. That would create $10 million in net cap space this year.

14 responses to “Nate Solder wants to play in 2021

  1. It will be a post June 1st cut nobody is going to trade for a guy that everyone knows will eventually be released

  2. It might be different had he performed up to his contract but he has been nothing but a major disappointment after getting all that money. I don’t expect any team to shell out big bucks for an OT that will be 33 in April and has played poorly the past few years.

  3. I am a Giants fan and a friend of mine is a Pats fan, when we signed Solder he laughed at me and time has proven him correct. Sayonara Solder.

  4. icouldcareless says:
    February 26, 2021 at 10:52 am
    It will be a post June 1st cut nobody is going to trade for a guy that everyone knows will eventually be released


    I am not disagreeing with you here, but the position he plays could dictate something different. There are a number of teams looking for line help and I could see a team offering a mid range pick to get ahead on negotiation rights, or just have him for the year.

  5. Best pf luck Nate. As a Giants fan since 1979 I barely knew you were a part of the team. What a waste of cap space.

  6. A lot of teams found good-cheap-replacements for a lot of opt outs. I believe that’s why so many opt outs are being cut.

  7. yeah the o-line performed quite well as the season went on we for sure don’t need nate and his huge salary…maybe bill will bring you back on the cheap after you get cut

  8. Look, i think that there is a place for Solder in the NFL. But not at a salary of $10 mill and/or a cap charge of $16 mil. Depends on how much he wants to play, and how much of a paycut he will be willing to accept from his scheduled salary this season.

    But what else do you expect him to say? Technically speaking, if he retired, wouldn’t he have to pay back part of his signing bonus? By forcing the team to cut him, he gets to keep it.

  9. As I recall the Giants made Solder the highest paid left tackle at the time ans he was a replacement for Ereck Flowers who was a first round pick that did not pan out. Solder’s decline started the season before which is why the Patriots did not resign him setting the stage for him to test free agency. He certainly made out.

  10. Apparently a good man and well respected, but just could not do the job. Made worse by the price and the cap problems it causes. Gettleman made a desperation sign after the Ereck Flowers debacle, (caused by the Giants for playing Flowers out of position and too soon), and the Solder signing just compounded the Flowers mistake. This twosome may have been Gettleman’s worst hours.

  11. He had too many missed assignments for Brady’s liking when he was in New England.

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