Raiders OC: Rodney Hudson is a very valuable piece of our offense

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders center Rodney Hudson has consistently been one of the top players at his position throughout his career, particularly since he signed with the Raiders in 2015.

But he’s never been named a first-team All Pro. The only time he’s ever made an AP All-Pro list was in 2019 when he received second-team recognition.

Hudson is a three-time Pro Bowler, so it’s not like he’s gone completely unnoticed. And according to Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson, those in and around the league know exactly how good Hudson is.

“I don’t know about the underrated part. I know that when I have a chance to visit with our opponents coaching staffs before or after a game, he’s always one of the first players that’s mentioned,” Greg Olson said on the Raiders’ “Upon Further Review” podcast. “And you look at the respect that he gets from the players throughout the league as well and the number of Pro Bowls that he’s been voted to. So it’s a shame that some people underrate him or don’t value him the way the league does, the way the players do, and the way the coaches do in this league because he’s obviously a force for us up front. He’s like a quarterback of the offensive line, he gets everything set, makes all the calls. So he’s a very valuable piece of our offense and we’re really just fortunate to have him.”

Hudson signed a three-year extension just before the start of the 2019 season, that made him the league’s highest-paid center and put him under contract through 2023. No matter who is behind him next season, Hudson should continue to be a force on Las Vegas’ offensive line.