Rashard Higgins wants a contract offer from the Browns

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Browns receiver Rashard Higgins will become a free agent on March 17. He doesn’t want that to happen.

Higgins, appearing Friday on 850 ESPN Cleveland, made it clear that he wants to stay with the Browns.

“I’m excited,” Higgins said. “We want to see when we can get this contract stuff done. . .  We want it to be with the Browns. It’s up in the air right now. We haven’t got no contracts from the guys so everything is up in the air right now. . . . Tell [G.M.] Andrew [Berry] to send  the papers and I’m signing wherever I gotta sign.”

That’s not exactly a position of strength for Higgins, who appeared in 13 games with six starts in 2020. He also caught 37 passes for 599 and four touchdowns in 2020. Higgins finished second on the team in regular-season receiving yards, and he led the Browns in the 2020 postseason with 116 receiving yards.

Higgins made $910,000 in 2020. Absent a new deal with the Browns, he becomes a free agent on March 17 at 4:01 p.m. ET.

16 responses to “Rashard Higgins wants a contract offer from the Browns

  1. Guy makes big plays and has chemistry with #6. As long as he is realistic about the money, this is a no-brainer.

  2. With all due respect 599 yards and 4 TDs and a costly fumble in a Playoff game, won’t get you much. He is really in no position to be demanding anything. His current salary is $910,000. Give him a nice raise to a $975,000 with incentives to add to the deal. I can get that from alot of college WRs as rookies.

    Chase Claypool as a rookie had 873 and 9 TDs and is making $1.6 million.

  3. Anyone who watches the Browns knows how clutch this guy is…stretching notwithstanding. He is always open when the play breaks down and makes a ton of 3rd down conversions.

    I’d love to see him back but this sounds like fan service from a guy who knows he’s leaving. The reality is that the Browns have $30M per year wrapped up in Landry and OBJ and it doesn’t make sense to pay a third receiver.

  4. Higgins made clutch catches all year. He has chemistry with Baker. He wants to be there. Sign him.
    The Browns need to focus on their defense in the draft and not have to replace Higgins. That would be a step back.

  5. He absolutely earned a contract. He was the steal of the 2016 drafted and has outperformed most receivers who were drafted in the first three rounds that year and he was a fifth round pick. When Corey Coleman was being a diva Higgins stepped up and never looked back and Baker seem to be an unstoppable combo much more than Baker with Beckham.

    Most importantly, that Jets game where the practice squad had to check in showed everyone the drop off in talent behind him.

  6. Browns fans have to realize……this boy made a big mistake with the drad racing incident. Obviously, very stupid to put himself in that ” poor” situation. But the real mistakes was ” taking the Rookie 1st Rd pick LT along for the ride” to show him how NOT to act like a professional. I am certain that did not go over well with the new boss(es). I dont think he will be asked to stay. That 1 really large mistake that a winning culture isnt going to accept

  7. Who? He makes clutch catches? So he does his job? What about normal catches? His fumble? Chemistry got him 6 whole starts. I guess when your dumpster burns to the ground one win is huge. Dont worry Browns fans a new dumpster will roll down the factory line sooner than.

  8. I guess it all depends on what he wants. He’s essentially a #3 WR but he did have a lot more production after OBJ was injured. He’s not going to command $15M. He’s probably not even going to command $10M. It seems they are roughly $16M over the projected cap so they’ll have to make some tough decisions. It might not be a bad idea to jettison OBJ and give some of the money they’ll save to Higgins. After all, he did have more production than OBJ.

    Or, they could just draft a guy and save some money. They have some tough choices to make to get under the cap. So will a bunch of other teams. This is going to be a tough off-season for those without guaranteed contracts. A bunch of guys are going to get cut. A bunch of guys are going to have to take much less. A bunch of guys are going to not have a roster spot. It’ll be a good year to be an UFA though.

  9. itsamadmadmadmadworld: They don’t need to get under the cap they already are…. They have something like 21 million to spend if we wasn’t dealing with a pandemic it would of been something like 50 million because of the roll over cap….Higgins is a solid #3 they need a speedy deep threat they’ll draft for defense and a deep threat…. But when it comes to Higgins they need to resign him he’s developed into a solid receiver…..

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