Report: Disney, NFL reach agreement on new media rights deal

NFL: NOV 16 Vikings at Bears
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Disney and the NFL were reportedly far apart in their initial conversations about a new broadcast deal, but they’ve apparently been able to bridge that gap pretty quickly.

John Ourand of Sports Business Journal reports that the two sides have reached a “broad agreement” of terms for a 10-year extension of their current deal. Monday Night Football will remain on ESPN and ABC will be part of the Super Bowl rotation for the first time since 2006.

The deal has not been signed yet, but it is expected to come with a price tag between $2.4 and $2.6 billion per year. The earlier report indicated the league was looking for as much as $3.5 billion and the previous deal called for Disney to pay $2 billion a year for media rights.

CBS, FOX and NBC are also expected to extend their deals with Amazon seen as a likely winner of rights for Thursday night games. The league has been aiming to finalize all of the pacts ahead of setting the salary cap and Friday’s news is a step in that direction.

30 responses to “Report: Disney, NFL reach agreement on new media rights deal

  1. I agree about the quality of games. You can tell even before the season the ones that will be stinkers regardless of won/loss record. Not very good at negotiating or Disney was the only suitor if those original numbers were true.

  2. Oh Boogers! I was hoping a better option would arise. The thought 0f 10 more years of ESPN’s drivel is not a pleasant one. UGH

  3. They always chose the same cities despite the matchups being horrible. Like the announcers are choosing the games based on where their favorite restaurants and hotels are.

  4. Is it really an increase in payment at all? They now get in the Super Bowl rotation at all. That alone is probably worth the increase.

  5. I’m sure the woke trend with the NFL will only get “better” as they link up with woke Disney…which seems to have their hands in literally everything.

  6. Calm down guys.. with the advent of technology we can now watch our games on our tablets or phones while our wives drag us along on their shopping spree. *sarcasm*

  7. It just hurts when the Spanos Heirs get to collect more $$$ for doing nothing. The Chargers can’t even win their division. Awful Ownership.

  8. With what announcing team will they broadcast the Superbowl? Please tell me they have someone legit hiding in basement somewhere just waiting to unleash them. If it’s the worthless crap they use year after year I’d rather just throw-up in mouth than suffer that.

  9. Really surprised they caved at all. All of the stations should just take a hardline of a very reduced rate. What is the NFL going to do, not broadcast games because of that or broadcast on some bit channel? They have to have their games broadcast so don’t understand why the stations don’t seem to have any power in this situation.

  10. For all the normal people who read these comments… 1 billion is 1000 million. That is all.

  11. Why? Just why? Do away with ESPN and move Monday nights to one of the other networks. Monday night football on ESPN has been a train wreck for years.

  12. Hey, the NFL has plenty of flaws, but they’re in no way “desperate” about anything. And clearly the broadcast networks have some leverage or the price of the deal wouldn’t have come down.

    So many “fans” here are so desperate for the NFL to fail. Why? If you’re that upset about it why watch? Why follow NFL news at all?

  13. The TV networks better be ready to shell out double what their paying now because the NFL is getting into streaming with the 2 giants: Disney and Amazon. Once they hammer out how to properly monetize it, the NFL owners won’t need network tv anymore.

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