Richie Incognito running after November surgery

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
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Raiders left guard Richie Incognito is making progress on his way back from season-ending surgery.

Vic Tafur of reports that Incognito has progressed to running in his recovery from surgery to remove a loose bone fragment in his ankle. Incognito only played two games last season, but waited to have surgery while trying other ways to get back on the field.

Incognito is signed for the 2021 season with a base salary of $5 million. The money is not guaranteed, but Tafur believes it is unlikely the Raiders make any move with Incognito as they try to get under the cap for the coming season.

Denzelle Good replaced Incognito in the starting lineup and is set for unrestricted free agency next month.

20 responses to “Richie Incognito running after November surgery

  1. Richie is like that cold sore that just keeps coming back. He’s the boy who never grew up.

  2. Richie takes no prisoners, and plays football the way it used to be played. That’s why the flag football crowd doesn’t like him

  3. Running? I think not. Chubby isn’t into any cardio. He’s more of a “grab your junk in the pile” type of human player.

  4. Incognito is bi-polar and needs a solid steady life to keep on an even keel even when on his meds.I thought going to the Raiders was like a drunk in a liquor store. Apparently I was wrong. He has kept out of trouble these last few years. Good for him.

  5. This dude is still in the league? Wasn’t that Miami Dolphins thing like ten years ago?

  6. If you asked him to be honest, I’ll bet he’d like to run block on every play. Incognito is an old school type of O lineman.

  7. Get him to take less, and then he can stay. You can’t trust a 38 year old player coming off Achilles surgery to play at $5.475 mil.

  8. Any team that wouldn’t want him on their OL is nuts
    The guy is a baller and Road grader. Say what you want but he may of been borderline dirty, he got a bad rap for what happened in Miami. It’s a mans position to play and he plays to the whistle every play

  9. LOL is he running from the demons he sees in his head? Does he have his baseball bat with him?

  10. Happy the guy seems to have straighted himself out and is doing well. Sometimes it takes getting to the end of the line and no chances left to figure it out. Hope the same for Antonio Brown.

  11. He’s the real deal! And will be fantastic if he can play. I’ll enjoy watching him pancake Chris Jones again!!

  12. why is this person still in the NFL?

    yes, he’s bipolar and obstensively benign on his meds, but it is an irrefutable fact that off them he retains sufficient control of his faculties to be a racist bully and to know to hide it by associating his truer behaviour with his disability;

    how does he deserve an NFL career?

  13. Before he was injured he was playing just about as well as any guard in the game, and was a positive influence on the younger players on the team, not only the linemen. The Raiders have a lot of talented young players, and veteran leadership is always important. On 3rd and 1, or 4th and 1, or any goal line situation, running behind Richie is about as close to automatic as you can get.

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