Former NFL defensive lineman Louis Nix is reported missing

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Louis Nix, a third-round pick of the Texans in 2014 who also spent time with the Giants, Washington, and Jaguars, has gone missing in Florida.

Ben Becker of posted the plea from Nix’s mother, who explained that she has heard nothing from her son in several days.

“Last communication of anyone seeing him was Tuesday,” Nix’s mother said. “Can’t call him because voice mail is full and people he talks to daily have not heard from him. Not like him.”

She added that she believes Nix is in danger. As of several minutes before this item was posted, Becker added that Nix’s mother said there is no new information regarding his whereabouts.

Nix, a three-year starter at Notre Dame, was shot in December while putting air in the tires of his car. The bullet, Nix explained at the time, ricocheted off his sternum and entered his lung. He had surgery to remove it. His mother told Becker that, since then, Nix has not liked to go out. She does not believe, however, that the latest development is related to the shooting.

If you have any information about Nix’s whereabouts, contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at (904) 630-0500.

9 responses to “Former NFL defensive lineman Louis Nix is reported missing

  1. Seriously…wtf is wrong with people…dude shot while inflating his tires….people just generally suck…hope he is found…and well.

  2. What’s with all of the thumbs down. Don’t you think that his mother could be reading this. There is no cure for stupid. Bill

  3. Dang he went to Notre Dame and still gotz himself in a bad stop. I mean if he went to da “U” I’d understand this but, dang Notre Dame you gotz to be smart to get into the Irish hood.

  4. Jeez, its not like he’s a set of car keys or a remote control or something. Someone has to have a clue as to where he is….

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