Seattle mayor tells New Orleans mayor to “keep your eyes off” Russell Wilson

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles
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New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell posted a recruiting pitch to Russell Wilson, attempting to lure the quarterback to the Saints. Seattle’s mayor didn’t react kindly to New Orleans’ proposition.

Jenny Durkan, Seattle’s mayor since 2017, tweeted back to Cantrell: “I love you, Mayor, but keep your eyes off [Wilson]. His home is Seattle.”

Durkan also quipped about Seattle’s desire for the return of the NBA to the city. It has not had an NBA team since the SuperSonics left for Oklahoma City in 2008.

Durkan told Cantrell “don’t make me go there” in reference to longtime relocation rumors involving the New Orleans Pelicans. Team owner Gayle Benson, who also owns the Saints, has denied the NBA team is leaving New Orleans under her watch.

Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, listed four teams for which the quarterback would waive his no-trade clause. The Saints, Cowboys, Bears and Raiders are teams Wilson would play for if the Seahawks were to entertain offers.

Drew Brees also might not kindly to Cantrell’s overtures to Wilson as he has yet to retire. Brees remains a member of the Saints, and Taysom Hill and Trevor Siemian are the other quarterbacks under contract to the team.

13 responses to “Seattle mayor tells New Orleans mayor to “keep your eyes off” Russell Wilson

  1. The mayor of a city that allowed an armed mob to deny first responders entry into several square blocks – killing several people as they protested the state killing people – thinks anyone is going to relocate a sports franchise to that chaos???

  2. I would love to hear the saints ownership and management viewpoints on mayor cantrell’s statements. Kinda like a judas to the city of new orleans. Election loss if not impeachment possibly?

  3. New Orleans mayor said please, I don’t blame Russell, I would want out of there also. Handle your city so players would not want to leave.

  4. Both cities were really awesome 30 years ago. Both have been run into the ground by leadership. They should spend less time worrying about football and focus on the real issues

  5. Once more the mayor of NO has disrespected a player that has given more than his share to New Orleans, Brees . Maybe he should worry about a city that has its own problems

  6. crookedcreek says:
    “ They should spend less time worrying about football and focus on the real issues”.
    Amen buddy. Neither of these mayors should spend 2 seconds on things like this. Coronavirus, vaccinations behind schedule, businesses failing, civil unrest, unemployment, foreclosures, do I really need to go on? Shame on both of them. You two have a public voice that people stop what they are doing to listen when you speak and you use it to play games with other mayors. Lincoln used his pulpit to deliver the Gettysburg address. Martin Luther king shared his beautiful dream with us. You clearly will never be regarded as statesmen. Embarrassed yet?

  7. Durkan is a total joke. I don’t blame Wilson at all for wanting out of this trash city and Pete’s prehistoric coaching philosophy. I hope he ends up with the Bears. They would be my 2nd favorite after the SeaChickens.

  8. As a Saints fan who wants Wilson I thought mayor Cantrell’s comments were very disrespectful to Brees. But the seattle Mayor’s comments about stealing the Pelicans is equally as rude. The New Orleans Jazz will return before the Seattle Super Sonics.

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