Son of former Packers great loses father’s Super Bowl II ring


The son of a former Packers great is seeking the safe return of his father’s Super Bowl II ring, Scott Venci of the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports.

Mike Kostelnik is offering a $5,000 reward.

His father, defensive tackle Ron Kostelnik, won the ring in his seventh of eight seasons with the Packers.

Mike wore the ring on a recent road trip with his family, making a stop at a BP gas station in Greensburg, Indiana. The family believes it was lost at the gas station.

“We don’t know what happened to the ring,” Mike told Venci. “When we got to Miami [University], it was gone. I had taken it off my finger. When you wear that ring, it’s heavy. If your fingers are swollen in the morning, it’s a little hard to carry. So, I know I put it in the console [of the car]. My daughter and I just don’t know what happened to it.”

The family tore the car apart searching for the ring, and they returned to the gas station to retrace Mike’s steps.

Now, they are crossing their fingers somebody finds the ring and does the right thing.

Kostelnik helped the Packers win five NFL championships and the first two Super Bowls. He played a final season with the Colts in 1969.

Kostelnik earned induction into the Packers Hall of Fame in 1989. He died of a heart attack four years later at the age of 53.

Ron’s daughter, Laura, inherited his Super Bowl I ring.

29 responses to “Son of former Packers great loses father’s Super Bowl II ring

  1. Why the hell is he wearing it anyway? Pretending to be an NFL player himself when he tries to hit on women? Probably one of the women he brought to the local hotel stole it. What a tool.

  2. Always thought fondly of Ron Kostelnik. He spoke at father-son banquet when I was a kid in WI. Got to talk to him and still have his autograph. He was a solid contributor to those Lombardi championship teams.

    Agree with comment above, though.

  3. Looks like some broke golden rule #1: What happens in the Greensburg, Indiana BP gas station restroom stays in the Greensburg, Indiana BP gas station restroom.

  4. He was wearing it pretending to be a former NFL player himself to get women, that is a guarantee. And one of the women he brought back to the hotel room stole it. Hilarious. This is good comedy relief. What a tool.

  5. If my father played in the NFL and won a SB, I don’t think I’d wear his ring. Seems kind of lame.

    Hope it turns up, though.

  6. Yeah, it sucks, and I hope he gets it back. But I’d guess many of those old rings that have been passed down to their children just sit in a safe deposit box somewhere or locked up in a safe, or tucked away in a drawer some place where they won’t be lost or stolen. It’s hard to display something like that without having it guarded 24/7.

  7. Family trip during a pandemic wearing your dad’s Super Bowl ring that isn’t in a safety deposit box or safe. How old is he again?!

  8. If I had my dad’s Sb ring I’d wear it every day. It probably means a lot to him. His dad passed in like 1994. It’s a connection to the man. Just stop.

  9. I have my dad’s wedding ring and the engagement ring he gave to my mom. Both rings were worn for 70 years…never to be worn by another person and both rings went thru the entirety of World War II. One could argue…that was a bigger victory than Super Bowl 1 and 2 combined.

  10. Give the guy a break. My mother passed away about two years ago, and I’ve worn her diamond wedding ring on my pinky ever since. Yes, there’s always the risk of losing it, but I like the connection I feel to her when I wear it. Stop judging and have some understanding, you apparently perfect people.

  11. “I thought you were going to say you were a secret agent.”

    “Hahaha that’s an old bit, huh?”

    “Really old.”

    “Nooo. No. No. No…used to be….”

  12. I wear my Dads graduation ring from Western Military Academy on my right hand. He wore it as a wedding band.
    I wear his Dads (my Grandpa)wedding band on my wedding finger. My Dad used to thump all of us kids on the head when we misbehaved. Now, all my siblings want the ring but they have to wait in line.
    If I had a Super Bowl ring from a relative I would wear it but I would always know where it was at all times.

  13. Why would he wear a heavy diamond encrusted super bowl ring worth a small fortune out in public and then non chalantly place it in his cars consule instead of putting it in his wife purse or deep in his own pocket.people that dont have his kind of money take much better care of what they consider valuable items.he can afford the monetary loss but he cant replace the nostalgia that ring had.

  14. Give me a break. We all know that’s not really what happened. For some of you I get it and I understand but I doubt that you would take it off while traveling.

  15. Some of the comments here are terrible. I am a classmate of Mike and have been friends with him for almost 50 years. He’s an outstanding businessman with a beautiful family. He’s been a great success his entire life and is a loyal, generous, thoroughly decent human being. He was taking his high-school aged daughter on a college visit when the ring went missing. All the uninformed internet trolling in the world doesn’t change any of that. I hope he is able to find the ring.

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