With future in Cleveland uncertain, David Njoku thanks Browns fans

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Browns tight end David Njoku doesn’t know where he’ll play in 2021, but he put out a Tweet on Saturday that sounded like a goodbye to Cleveland.

“Whatever happens I appreciate all the love from all my loyal fans. I’ve kept quiet for a while but I wanted to express that at least for now. I love u guys,” Njoku wrote.

Njoku remains under contract for the 2021 season with a $6.013 million base salary. That’s the fifth-year option on his rookie deal, and it’s not guaranteed, so the Browns could release him if they don’t think he’s worth that much in a year when the salary cap is shrinking.

Njoku looked like he was making strides in 2018, but in 2019 he missed most of the season with a broken wrist and caught just five passes. He was healthier in 2020 but was largely phased out of the Browns’ offense and caught just 19 passes.

Still just 24 years old, Njoku is a talented athlete who would have interest if he hits free agency. But he may not be long for Cleveland.

19 responses to “With future in Cleveland uncertain, David Njoku thanks Browns fans

  1. World of talent. Actually began to show an improved consistency last 8 -10 games of this past season. At 24 the mental part of his growth hasnt matured yet. I would say that his upside is still out there……if he can figure it out.

  2. He was asking for a trade constantly until the team started winning. The only reason he looked better is Stefanski didn’t use him as a #1 and was only put in for relief allowing him to only get the ball if absolutely Necessary. Sounds like front running to me since he wasn’t talking nice about Cleveland a year ago.

  3. While Njoku wasn’t featured often, I felt that he took advantage of the opportunities that he had. He made major strides in his blocking as well. As a selfish fan, I’d love to see him stick in Cleveland, but I can’t blame him for wanting to land with a team that gives him the chance to be the #1 option.

  4. Jacksonville needs a tight end for Trevor Lawrence, maybe this is the guy? A conditional 7th and we’ll pay his salary.

  5. Just another “me first” guy and he never bothered to look the word “team” up in the dictionary.

  6. Was p bearish and or indifferent on this guy a year ago but yeah he did step up this year. The biggest sign was def his improved blocking. Hooper and Bryant both were inconsistent all year. I don’t think njoku’s far from putting it together and at this point I was hoping he’d be around more in cleveland but it isn’t sounding like it. Then again it seemed like he was out the door last off-season with the trade request and public comments, so who knows?

  7. Njoku is a wannabe celebrity who happens to play football.If he played half as well as his born talent he’d be a really good player. Instead he is a 1st round bust. I think he wants to be in LA so he can concentrate on his famous for being famous career.Once Covid blows over he’ll probably be on DWTS and The Bachelor.

  8. This dude most definitely has talent and can play at a high level I think a fresh start would be greatly beneficial to Njoku and a team could get him at a bargain rate coming off a down year. Arizona badly needs a 3rd Tight-End and I think David Njoku would be perfect in that offense giving Kyler Murray one more weapon in the passing game. 6”5 TE Max Williams is an elite run/pass blocker and is an average pass Catcher but poor route runner, 6”5 Dan Arnold is an excellent above average receiving and route running TE but is not a good blocker, Njoku seems to be very good at both when he is on his game and could play a big role in both the run game as a blocker and in the passing game as a receiver. AZ should reach out to him and try signing him to a 1YR prove it type deal @3-4M/YR for the season.

  9. razzlejag says:
    February 27, 2021 at 9:29 am
    Jacksonville needs a tight end for Trevor Lawrence, maybe this is the guy? A conditional 7th and we’ll pay his salary.
    Why would the Browns do this when they don’t have salary cap issues this year an can just let him walk next year? Better to have him one more year than a 7th round pick.

  10. Just think, this team had their chance to dethrone the Chiefs but fell short. Hopefully, they can improve their pass rush and wearing #42 Paul Warfield’s jersey number can continue the upward trending play of safety Karl Joseph, who stepped up in the playoffs.

  11. Dude was a beast in college. But, you know, there’s a difference in running over a bunch of dudes just out of high school than NFL veterans.

  12. Fresh start? He is getting one. With Stefanski and company. Too young to dismiss. The talent is there. His maturity has to follow. This kid was so raw coming out of college that he was going to need several years of good coaching to become a real NFL TE. I suppose you all think he got that from Freddie and HugeAction?

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