Minority hiring rate climbs for NFL in 2021

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Despite lingering concerns regarding the number of minority head coaches in the NFL, the league saw a significant increase in the minority hiring rate when considering all categories of open positions.

Via the Associated Press, the latest cycle resulted in the hiring of three minority General Managers, two minority head coaches, three minority offensive coordinators, six minority defensive coordinators, four minority special-teams coordinators, and three minority quarterbacks coaches.

The total rate of minority hires was 34.6 percent in 2021. Last year, it was 18.8 percent.

Many believe that, as more minority coaches occupy key positions like offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, more minority candidates will becomes head coaches. Time will tell whether or not that trend results in more minority head coaches.

25 responses to “Minority hiring rate climbs for NFL in 2021

  1. Exactly. What the Fritz Pollard lot conveniently overlook is ethnic ratios of HCs today relate not to the opportunities of today but several decades ago when these HCs entered coaching. Why do they overlook this? – Because otherwise they’d have precious little to moan about.

  2. Ok, so the minority hiring rate almost DOUBLED from a year ago…can you now admit that things are changing for the better and acknowledge that maybe, just maybe the league, and by extension the country,isn’t only occupied by ” good old boys” and racists? I’m 52 years old and have more of an old school mentality, but I believe that the united States is still the greatest country in the world, and one of the only countries in the world where we can enjoy the kind of diversity and mutual respect that we have in our population and in our sports leagues.

  3. So when is the white players rate going to get In line with social rates since white players are far less than black coaches

  4. I support greater diversity of players to more accurately represent the population of the country.

  5. Time will tell whether or not this will finally stop being news worthy and post more suitable info!

  6. Minority hirings as DCs and OCs have skyrocketed due to the new rule of gifting picks when your minority is hired away. The hard part now is deciding if your team’s shiny new minority DC or OC was elevated to that position because of their skill set, or because of the colour of their skin.

  7. Are we also going to install a diversity initiative for the player base? Last survey I found was from 2014 where the players are 68% African American, which means African Americans are grossly over-represented in the league as they are approx 13% of the population. Only seems fair, this shouldn’t go only one way…

  8. It doesn’t matter what the hiring rate is if the mob’s candidate of choice doesn’t get hired…Bieniemy

  9. Simply cannot wait for the bonanza/windfall of material changes this will bring to my life…

  10. People keep track of these “rates”? Wish the left would just see that we all bleed red, they should stop looking at exterior color to divide us.

  11. The sad part is from now on you can’t distinguish which minority coordinators were hired due to their skills, and which were hired due to their skin.

  12. Reading these comments makes me sad for the state of this country. White privilege is alive and well folks!

  13. Isn’t about 12-15% statistically where it should be given the population demographics?

  14. Percent white in america is 76.3% so any minoriy hiring greater then 24% would be reverse discrimination wouldnt it?

  15. I give them credit for reporting this. I mean everyone gets beat over the head everyday that racism is a live and well and everywhere you look. So maybe it isn’t the barren wasteland we are led to believe sometimes and there is progress.

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