Report: Seahawks bring Carl Smith back to coaching staff

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Quarterback Russell Wilson has issues with the Seahawks and the team has reportedly rehired one of his former coaches as they try to plot a course for the future.

Michael-Shawn Dugar of reports that Carl “Tater” Smith is rejoining the team. Smith was the team’s quarterbacks coach from 2011-2017 and associate head coach to 2018 before spending the last two seasons with the Texans. His role is not known, but he is not expected to be the quarterbacks coach.

A report this week indicated that Wilson feels there is a lack of accountability for Carroll on the coaching staff. Carroll said Smith served that kind of role in the past.

“Tater would tell me anything,” Carroll said. “He was awesome. I demanded it of him because he knew the truth and he needed to speak to me.”

Smith’s return was reportedly agreed to before the Super Bowl, so it wasn’t a direct response to any of Wilson’s recent comments. Wilson’s agent said last week that he has not requested a trade, but did identify four teams that Wilson would agree to join in a trade.

Dugar reports that Smith’s son Tracy is going to be part of the Seahawks staff as well and that another familiar face will be returning to the organization. DeShawn Shead, who played 54 games at cornerback for Seattle between 2012 and 2017, is going to assist with the defensive backs.

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  1. This Decision was made before the Super Bowl, and before the Russell dissatisfaction tour. However, still a likely Coach Carroll move to appease Russell. Apparently, not enough to keep his discontent from going public, however.

  2. Just because your putting the band back together doesn’t mean the music will still be as good.

  3. If the prior report is true about Vulcan Inc. then I can see Russel‘s dissatisfaction. There always needs to be checks and balances in an organization. There would be no use in waiting for change to come… I’m shocked the NFL is allowing this to go on in Seattle, again, if that report is true.

  4. Does Pete Carroll think the fact that only a handful of staff, including his sons, were allowed to speak truth to power to him is a good thing?

  5. The only certainty in the Wilson Carroll relationship/power struggle is that it’s ending is not far away

  6. I’ve heard the interviews and there is no animosity. the interviewer did a great job pulling out comments from Wilson who also said he takes responisbility for all the hits also and needs to get better.

    I see this as a classic case of the media building someone up and later, really enjoying tearing them down.

  7. Coaches are held accountable all the time. They get fired. Apparently the boss likes what Carroll is doing.

  8. And all Saints’ fans shudder at the mention of he who shall not be named. Run, run, pass, punt.

  9. Maybe because Russ takes up almost 20% of the cap he feels he has the right to throw a temper tantrum. The truth is that with that contract it’s going to be hard for him to win anywhere. Paying a QB so much is counter-productive to winning. You can’t possibly field a competitive team when you only have ~$145M left for the remaining fifty players. That’s less than $3M per player. It’s hard to pay a few stars without needing to pay everyone else the league minimum. The only way Russ ever wins anywhere is to take less money, which there’s no way he’ll ever do. In fact he probably wants a Mahomes-type contract.

  10. There is no Russell’s “Agent”. Agents must be registered with the NFL and pass all kinds of tests and sign disclosure agreements, etc. There is a “Spokesman” for Russell’s personal “Team” who gives sporadic information that is usually misinterpreted on purpose. Like right now.
    If you must believe one person, you should believe K.J. Wright… he’s been with the team through all the other BS times, from Golden Tate to Percy Harvin to Sherman to E.T. and everyone of them and if he says Russell’s staying, he’s staying.

  11. Anyone think it could be his in control career driven wife pushing for a trade 5o a city she can perform in and not Russ?

  12. I literally can’t see one scenario where the Seahawks come out better, trading this guy.

  13. An employee has the right to complain if he is not getting the treatment other employees of his stature is getting.

    In any company, a top performer gets special treatment. Some would rather Wilson just accept his money and “shut up.” But the Carson Wentz’s, and Peyton Mannings aren’t asked to shut up. I think people expect certain players to just be happy with the bare minimum (getting paid market value). They want respect and if that’s not given, they’ll be traded to a team that will.

    The numbers have shown that star QBs drive tv numbers and NFL sales. If no one likes it, too bad. Wilson is a star and other teams would love to have him. Certain people will always be called divas for supposedly not knowing their place.

  14. nomad57 says:
    February 28, 2021 at 8:09 pm
    And all Saints’ fans shudder at the mention of he who shall not be named. Run, run, pass, punt.
    I was wondering if that was the same Carl smith who was mora’s o coordinator with the saints.
    Hayward run left, Hayward run right, Hebert incomplete…

  15. But the Carson Wentz’s, and Peyton Mannings aren’t asked to shut up.

    That’s apples and oranges. Even as bad as things were in Indy, Manning never demanded a trade or run off on social media like Russ. And Carson has taken plenty of heat for his play. He pouted but to my knowledge never came out overtly and said it nor did he voice his displeasure like Russ has.

  16. After that devastating Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, Russell Wilson, who had every right to stay in bed licking his wounds and digesting a very painful public defeat, instead kept a commitment to go a pediatric cancer ward and meet with sick kids. I remember thinking what a character guy he was when I heard that. Such an impressive display of priorities. Not sure who replaced that Russell Wilson with this diva.

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