David Carr thinks Derek Carr’s team should trade for Russell Wilson


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has made it known through his agent that Wilson would accept a trade to one of four teams: Cowboys, Bears, Saints, Raiders.

Former NFL quarterback David Carr, the older brother of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, had this to say about the quartet of teams on Russell’s wish list, in an item regarding David Carr’s top-10 offseason quarterback targets: “If I’m one of those four teams, I’m picking up the phone yesterday. He is everything you want in a quarterback, with endless talent, arm strength, poise and intelligence. Plus, he has the kind of ice in his veins that gives his team a chance to win late in games, no matter how great the deficit. He’ll cost a GREAT deal, but the on-field production and leadership you’d get in return would be worth it.”

So, basically, David Carr thinks the Raiders should throw Derek Carr overboard — yesterday — to get Russell Wilson. Although David Carr doesn’t include Derek Carr on the list of the best 10 quarterbacks to acquire in 2021, a Raiders trade for Wilson necessarily would make Derek Carr available.

Making David Carr’s assessment more intriguing is this: In 2018, David Carr posted a ranking of all quarterbacks, and he listed Derek at No. 4 and Wilson at No. 5. (David Carr apparently hasn’t done an annual quarterback ranking since then.)

It may not be enough to get Derek to block David on Twitter, but it could be enough to get Derek to text “WTF?” to his older brother.

UPDATE 7:39 p.m. ET: David Carr’s article quietly has been revised to remove the suggestion that the Raiders should call Russell Wilson about a trade.

20 responses to “David Carr thinks Derek Carr’s team should trade for Russell Wilson

  1. He’s probably trying to help his brother get out of Vegas. I think Derrick Carr is a good QB and could be really good on a better team.

  2. So I take it David Carr is a football analysts and this is his job. If so, it is what it is. If not he must have a real grudge against his brother.

  3. Dang the Bears? He really wants to be in the same division as Aaron Rodgers? And he is picking teams with far worse offensive lines than he had in SEA this season. Does he want to run for his life the rest of his career?

  4. I highly recommend the Raiders do something no one expects —

    Facilitate a 3 team trade involving Russel (or Watson) and Derek Carr. BUT the Raiders KEEP Mariota and get the draft picks for Carr to build a defense.

  5. Derek Carr is easily the 3rd and possibly the 4th best QB in his division. The Raiders need to do something.

  6. kayes says:
    March 1, 2021 at 12:08 pm
    lets be honest, when thinking of championship level QBs, does anyone think of Carr?
    Does anyone think of Nick Foles? Anything is possible.

  7. Ouch.

    Did David and Derek have a falling-out? David just threw Derek under the bus.

  8. I don’t see your point! What was he supposed to say to the question! Maybe he can have a fair minded view, in which is very RARE these days! Get it through your head people, Derrick Carr is going no where!

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