J.J. Watt will see the Texans in his first year out of Houston


J.J. Watt has announced that he’s joining the Cardinals. It makes for an interesting 2021 schedule.

The Cardinals play the teams of the AFC South and NFC North. They play the Houston Texans. They host them, however; J.J. won’t be going to Houston.

Watt nevertheless will return to Texas. The Cardinals are due to play the Cowboys in Dallas.

The Cardinals also host the Green Bay Packers, one of the teams to whom Watt was linked given that he’s from Wisconsin.

The Cardinals likewise play the Titans in Nashville. That’s another team that seemed to be interested in Watt.

Then there’s the seventeenth game. Based on the formula identified by Peter King earlier today, the Cardinals play the Browns in Cleveland.

The Cardinals already had become a compelling prime-time draw with Kyler Murray. Adding Watt makes them even more attractive when it comes to football under the lights.