NFL considers playing two Christmas games this season

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
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The 2020 season included a historic Christmas Day game for Saints running back Alvin Kamara, who scored six touchdowns. The game was a ratings bonanza.

So with Christmas 2021 landing on a Saturday, the NFL is thinking about jamming another gift into our collective stocking.

Peter King of Football Morning in America reports that the league is considering playing two games that day.

The Vikings-Saints game, which started in the late afternoon, drew an average of 20.1 million viewers. Our guess is that, if the NFL indeed stages two games, it will be one in the late afternoon and one at night.

Why not expand to three, making it identical to Thanksgiving? It’s something the league could do whenever Christmas lands on Saturday, Sunday (with the bulk of the games played on Christmas Eve), Monday, Thursday, or Friday.

17 responses to “NFL considers playing two Christmas games this season

  1. NBA will be upset- has been their spot for decades, now the NFL, not caring about anything or anyone but the evil green will stomp all over the nba without a second thought

  2. Why not 3 games? Because it is Christmas and family time. For the fans, coaches, players, and people working the games.

    You know, like those disingenuous NFL commercials during the holidays tell us when selling us overpriced NFL sweaters.

    The NFL should stick with one game and try not to be greedy.

  3. @deathspiralx
    Very poor logic.
    If “family time” is your concern.. then how about NONE on Christmas? Or NONE on Thanksgiving?

    Not advocating, just saying that if you are TRULY concerned about making holidays “family time” then not having the TV on for football at all is likely the best scenario.

    Unless the entire family is into football, which of course could certain be true in some cases.

  4. I’ve been watching the NFL since 1972, and I must admit that with the inconsistent refereeing, players celebrating in the second quarter, and 6 playoff wild card games, I’m thinking the NFL is burning me out.
    Maybe I’ll just watch the playoffs; I’m down to no NBA and maybe a few World Series games.
    I must be getting old.

  5. deathspiralx says:

    Why not 3 games? Because it is Christmas and family time…
    You do have the freedom to not tune in if you dont want to. Bring on more football to those of us who want to watch.

  6. Lol lebron will love this. To me this will help the NBA die a slower death than it already is. The rich will eat each other. Fantastic.

  7. Zero interest in this. Christmas in my family is about family, not watching TV for 7 hours.

  8. I don’t mind as long as it isn’t my team playing at home that day. I’d be present.

  9. I love having football to watch but I was not a fan of that Christmas Friday game at all (not because my team got smoked either). It felt so random and stupid the league would just throw a game in on a Friday. When Christmas falls on Sunday or Monday, that’s one thing. Forcing a game on a Friday is just wrong for so many reasons.

  10. 2ruefan asked how having none on Christmas or Thanksgiving:
    * None on Christmas would be fine by me, preferred actually.
    * The NFL is already on Thanksgiving & won’t give that up.

    HagemeisterPark says I should just not tune in.
    * Yes, I can and will do that.
    * Can the players, coaches, & people just decline? No, Christmas games do not leave them a choice.

    Also would be nice if the NFL quit waxing poetically about family and holidays in there ads when it is (practically) all about revenue maximization. Revenue maximization is fine, but don’t feed us the baloney that it is not.

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