Report: 49ers called Panthers about Teddy Bridgewater

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49ers General Manager John Lynch said recently that he has no doubt that a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo will be the team’s starting quarterback for the 2021 season, but added that Garoppolo’s injury history means that the team has to have “better options” to back him up than they did last year.

One of the options they are reportedly looking into spent the 2020 season as the starting quarterback in Carolina. Joseph Person of reports that the 49ers called the Panthers about a potential trade for Teddy Bridgewater.

There’s no word on whether the conversation reached a point where the teams were discussing an offer, but a move involving Bridgewater would come as no surprise. The team was reportedly willing to trade him to the Lions as part of their offer for Matthew Stafford and their interest in making a run at Deshaun Watson when and if he’s made available has come up on multiple occasions.

Bridgewater has a $17 million base salary and a cap hit of just under $23 million in 2021. A trade would leave $10 million in dead money on the Panther’s cap.

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  1. John Lynch is a liar, he is definitely looking for a new quarterback over Jimmy G-lass. He keeps saying that Jimmy is the q.b. for 2021 but more story’s are coming out that he is interested in this q.b. and that q.b.

  2. Teddy would be a high-priced veteran backup, but it’s worth kicking the tires, for sure.

  3. As a backup to Jimmy, sure its a good move… but thats alot of money tied into the QB position for guys not named Watson or Mahomes.

  4. A healthy Jimmy G is better than Bridgewater. The key word is “healthy.” If a team could afford to have both on the roster, they would be pretty well set at that position.

  5. Until the day any these reports come to fruition , I’ll take all of this type of thing as “it’s not happening, unless it does.”

  6. Coaches who thought they didn’t need Tom Brady :

    – 2-time super bowl loser Kyle Shanahan
    – 3-time super bowl loser Bill Belichick

  7. Also you Niner fans are dreaming if you think that Lynch wants Bridgewater as his back-up to Jimmy, do you really think that Bridge would come to be the back-up…….give your heads a shake!

  8. This is the problem with injury-plagued QBs–you need to basically have a co-starter sort of guy on hand but that gets pricey.

  9. stucats says:
    March 1, 2021 at 10:48 am
    Also you Niner fans are dreaming if you think that Lynch wants Bridgewater as his back-up to Jimmy, do you really think that Bridge would come to be the back-up…….give your heads a shake!



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    Teddy might not want to be the backup, but he might not have a choice. The list of available jobs is shrinking, not growing, there are at least three first round picks-Lawrence, Fields and Lance, that will be taking over starting jobs next season. Guys that lose close games and only beat bad teams are a dime a dozen in the NFL. Good luck to Teddy, but in a month being the 49ers backup might be his best option.

  10. Also FWIW I meant Lawrence, Fields and Wilson for 1st year starters-not Trey Lance, who is a project and not likely to start his first year.

  11. The Niners are NOT replacing Garoppolo with Bridgwater. Bridgwater will be the backup, until Garoppolo gets injured.

    That should light a fire under Garoppolo. Of course, it’s not his QBplay that is questioned…it’s his ability to stay healthy.

  12. If Teddy “Two gloves” Bridgewater is the answer, what is the question? That’s a big contract for a substandard back up.

  13. teddy bridgewater…high end back up being paid low end starter money and still not worth it… no wonder the panthers are trying to give him away

  14. Teddy and Jimmy aren’t really that much different as players, other than maybe health. Can’t see Teddy going for a back-up gig, and can’t see the 49ers tying up that much cap space in 2 QBs, which makes this whole story weird.

  15. Bridgewater is a good QB… just as long as you aren’t relying on that QB’s arm to actually win games.

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