Report: Washington is expected to part ways with Alex Smith

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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Though Alex Smith was the AP comeback player of the year in 2020, Washington will be moving on.

Ian Rapoport and Kim Jones of NFL Media report the Football Team is expected to part ways with Smith in the coming days. Smith had two years remaining on his contract with Washington and was owed $19 million in non-guaranteed compensation for 2021.

After missing the entire 2019 season following his devastating leg injury, Smith appeared in eight 2020 games, starting six. He complied a 5-1 record in those starts, completing 66.7 percent of his passes for 1,582 yards with six touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Smith was unable to play in Washington’s playoff game against Tampa Bay due to a calf injury.

Smith has not announced a decision as to whether or not he plans to play in 2021. But he recently said he feels he still has room for growth on the field.

If Smith decides to play, it would be his first opportunity to test free agency. Trades sent Smith from San Francisco to Kansas City, and from the Chiefs to Washington.

24 responses to “Report: Washington is expected to part ways with Alex Smith

  1. Alex made a courageous comeback last year and deserved to be comeback player of the year.
    But the fact that his leg still would not hold up towards the end of the season and his calf kept cramping up suggest that maybe it is time to move on.
    I was really hoping he would come back to the team in a coaching capacity some ways to help the younger quarterbacks along.
    He still has a lot to give the NFL just not in a playing capacity

  2. He has nothing left to prove on or off the field…walk away while you can still…..walk.

  3. Can he hold up for a whole season? Wonder if he’d be willing to take backup salary? I wouldn’t mind having him for a small stretch but 17+ games sounds farfetched. Walk away and jump on to the coaching train.

  4. Very impressive record as a starter with Washington and propelled us to playoffs with his courage and leadership – not to mention he never once spoke poorly of Haskins when he very easily could have.

    Having said that, it’s a new era in Washington and we have a very young roster that is waiting to take that next step. Whether it be a mobile qb option or someone who can simply give us 16 games, it’s time to move on.

    Smith is a shining example of what it means to be a pro though.

  5. Please retire Alex. Go enjoy your family and life, you dont have anything to prove.

  6. This makes perfect sense for the WFT. Alex has good character and constantly wins so let’s release him. You can count on the “Football Team” to do the wrong thing.

  7. No offense but it is on like, every post. Not everyone wants to go play for NE. Plenty of better teams out there. That said, while I am not a fan, I do with Bill would have had a full deck to play with in 2020 (too many opt outs and Cam, well…) so that we could truly see what football measures created that dynasty. I still think it was Bill.

  8. At this point Alex Smith can’t get away from a turtle. He is fine with a clean pocket but panics with minimal pressure. Not sure how much he is worth on the open market but 19 mil was out of the question.

    WFT Fan

  9. Alex is an outstanding guy and is credit to any locker room he sets foot in. But his release saves the WFT $14.7 million in cap space and, rationally speaking, it is the right move given the state of his leg.

  10. Of course, any time someone’s available it’s inevitable that Patriots’ fans would say he’s going to New England. If that were the case they’d have something like 500 guys on their roster. Smith isn’t going to sign with New England. He wants to go to a winning team.

  11. Hey, if he can make a couple million standing on the sidelines as a back-up, why not?

  12. Wow. Alex Smith is the First Good QB Washington has had in years, and they are going to let him go? He proved he could come back and play in the NFL. I believe he lost only 1 game he played in last season. Makes no sense.

  13. He could rejoin Urban Meyer in Jax. They had a undefeated season at Utah. He could mentor Trevor Lawrence and could start week 1 if Trevor is not ready

  14. It will be interesting how the FA market works out for Alex Smith. If no takers, I do hope the Bills talk to him for the backup role to Josh Allen.

  15. 5-1 as a starter- 71% of the team’s wins from him- and jettison him. Got it.

  16. If the Lions sign him, it will light a fire under Jared Goff. I wouldn’t mind him coming to LA to be a backup for Stafford, if the price is right.

  17. This is exactly what Jacksonville needs. He would be a great one to bring along the number one draft pick Trevor. Coach Urban is quietly saying please, please.

  18. Chris Simms going to try an spin this Alex Smith story in some way to denigrate Tom Brady….how I don’t know. But he hates Brady

  19. Makes sense. They are very deep at the QB position, and its not like Alex Smith has been to the ProBowl 3 times or anything. /s

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