Reuben Foster appears unlikely to remain in Washington

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Two and a half years after Washington claimed linebacker Reuben Foster off waivers from San Francisco, it appears that he’ll be leaving Washington without ever having played a game for the Football Team.

Foster was picked up during the 2018 season after the 49ers waived him following a domestic violence arrest. Washington didn’t play Foster for the rest of that season, then he suffered a serious knee injury in his first practice of 2019 and hasn’t been able to play since.

Now Foster is set to hit free agency, and JP Finley of writes that Foster is unlikely to remain in Washington. It’s still not clear whether Foster is completely recovered from that knee injury, and Foster was acquired before the arrival of current coach Ron Rivera, who has made no secret that he wants to hold players to a higher standard of personal behavior than his predecessors in Washington did. Foster has a long history of off-field problems.

So Foster is likely to hit free agency. Although he was a first-round pick four years ago, there may not be many teams interested in a player who has fallen far short of expectations.

11 responses to “Reuben Foster appears unlikely to remain in Washington

  1. Tremendous talent in college. He’ll be cheap in free agency. Lots of upside for a team willing to take a chance on him.

  2. Considering it was JP I wouldn’t put any credence into it, no actual source for this, just speculation once again on his part…seems to be plenty of that in today’s journalism world. And they scam us by giving him a radio show, where they enjoy talking about what food they just had delivered and who got what and how it taste…

  3. Always wondered if he had anything left in the tank. Good luck wherever you go and congrats on keeping your nose clean for the last 3 years.

  4. As long as he’s cheap, Bengals will give him a try. Mike Brown likes to do some redeeming and Bengals run defense needs help.

  5. Nah. Take a rookie. Way cheaper on this tightened cap. Hope you invested them checks.

  6. Once he eliminated the whacko woman from his life, he apparently did ok off the field, however, the knee is now the issue. Dunno that I could bring him in tho…tough call.

  7. Most of those issues were proven to be false accusations and he’s taken advantage of the opportunity to keep clear of things. I agree that it may be a cap / availability issue. Maybe he’s back on a smaller, incentive-laden deal.

  8. A guy with past baggage AND an bum knee??? Let the bidding begin… this sort of background is in high demand.

  9. Ron Rivera is a good guy, and he’ll give someone another chance, if he thinks he deserves it. But I’m sure Ron would have to see some tape that would put in mind in a forgiving mode, and that tape just doesn’t exist. The guy was overrated to begin with.

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