Six days in, no tags yet

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The window for applying franchise and transition tags opened six days ago. To date, no tags have been applied.

It’s no surprise. As we’ve said in past years, the opening of the window is irrelevant. The closing of the window is the key. That’s the deadline, and it’s a deadline-driven business.

Teams will still apply the tag early, for various reasons. In some cases, it sends a message to the player and his representation that a deal isn’t getting done, at least not now. In other cases, it sends a clear signal to those who may be tampering with the player under the assumption that he’ll hit the open market.

Some players will sign a long-term deal in lieu of being tagged. Some teams try to do that in order to use the tag on another player. Other teams should consider it, as the Cowboys should this year, in order to avoid using the second tag on a player. If, for example, the Cowboys tag quarterback Dak Prescott again, his next franchise tag at any point in his career will entail a 44-percent raise over his prior-year cap number.

While any of the potentially tagged players can be tagged at any time, the deadline is eight days away. Hopefully by then the teams will know the salary cap for 2021, since the base franchise tender at all positions become a percentage of the cap.

8 responses to “Six days in, no tags yet

  1. Didn’t it just get reported the other day that the Jets are gonna tag Marcus Maye? Almost 100% sure I saw that.

  2. If the Cowboys were smart they’d put the transition tag on Dak. Nobody is going to offer him very much money this off-season given the lower salary cap. However, I don’t think any team is willing to give up two first round picks for Dak. This is Dallas so I’m sure Jerruh will give him $40M/yr because he likes Dak.

  3. March 9th seems like a long ways off, but I’m guessing for teams with intentions of using a tag, it’s coming much faster.

  4. Yeah, mostly it’s the tighter cap. But it’s also a bit to do with a couple of high profile unhappy QBs. Hard for some teams to make other decisions if they’re waiting on that sort of fallout.

  5. I think there are couple of teams out there that are starting to think ‘Let them walk, we haven’t won a super bowl (or playoffs) with them. It’s a low cap year and I don’t want to cripple the team.’

    I also think there are lot of free agents, especially older ones, who are about to be surprised at how little they are actually worth in the current salary cap environment.

    Expect to see a lot of low base salaries and guarantees in lieu of “incentives”.

    And expect a number of free agents to sign short term deals just to get a decent salary.

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