Texans cut Josh McCown, who may now join their coaching staff

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Josh McCown is no longer a Texans player. He may soon be a Texans assistant coach.

The Texans officially released McCown today, but that may just be the first step toward hiring him as a member of their coaching staff. Houston considered McCown — who has never been on an NFL or college coaching staff — as a candidate to be its next head coach before hiring David Culley in that role, and some think McCown could eventually be Culley’s successor.

It’s unclear precisely what role McCown might have with the Texans. When they signed him during the 2020 season, it was widely believed that he was going to be in Houston at least as much for his ability to serve as a veteran mentor as for the possibility that he could actually get on the field (which he never did). McCown said at the time he expects to become an NFL coach eventually.

In his first year of retirement from playing, McCown may want to spend more time with his family and not work the hours required of a full-time NFL coach, but he’s likely to have some role with the team. McCown is a native Texan and the Texans’ facility is only about 90 minutes from his family’s home, so he’ll be close by.

18 responses to “Texans cut Josh McCown, who may now join their coaching staff

  1. Over/under a year and a half til this dumpster fire of an organization cans Culley and hands the reigns to him.

  2. Interesting, Howie Roseman and Jeffery Lurie had offered him a path to coaching in Philly and he didn’t accept.

    I wonder why… hmmm…

  3. As is the case with all backup QBs named Josh- and there are so many; someone gets hurt, thumbs thru the Josh-QB tab in the rolodex, calls him up, on the field by Sunday.

  4. This guy and Ryan Fitzpatrick are in a race of their own to occupy as many positions in NFL history as possible.

  5. This genius move will DEFINITELY convince D. Watson to stay!!! Who wouldn’t want to be coached by a recently cut backup QB who played for ten different teams and had a career QB rating of 79.4!!! Watson must know he could learn a lot from that guy!!!

  6. Of course McCown will be a coach in the NFL one day. He meets at least one of the NFL’s unspoken requirements.

  7. He kept Carson Wentz’s head in a lot games that Carson wouldve not came back from mistakes. When McCown left before 2020, look what happened to Wentz. McCown has been a “QB coach” for years. Very smart down to earth guy who’s played in every scheme going. He’ll be a head coach, bank on it.

  8. Never once has any McCown every been considered coach material. I would be absolutely shocked if this ever works. He has never showed leadership. By jumping into this now some of these guys played with him as a mediocre at best clipboard holder.

  9. bloodonhishands says:
    March 1, 2021 at 8:12 pm
    Of course McCown will be a coach in the NFL one day. He meets at least one of the NFL’s unspoken requirements.
    You’re exactly right. He has worked his butt off to earn the respect of the NFL community as a team player and never gave less than 100 percent or expected a handout. If McCown decides to go for a coaching position and gets it, it’s because he worked for it and nothing else.

  10. Sooo, Josh McCown is not worthy and Byron Leftwich is. Both were subpar QB’s. I’ll be clear. I like both of these guys. Both played for my team, the Bucs. Both, as QB’s, were not good enough. This has NOTHING to do with their ability to coach. It has nothing to do with their freakin’ skin color! It has to do with coaching philosophy and scheme fit! So tired of this race garbage!!
    Does anyone of us think, for one second, that an owner or GM, bases their hiring decisions on the color of skin!?! Seriously!?! If so, blow up the league.

  11. From my understanding Josh is a brilliant mind at the QB position. Absolutely would make a great coach.

  12. Go ahead and down vote my opinion. Truth hurts. Mcclowns are not coaches. I have a fork and knife ready to eat my words. But my opinion is I will starve.

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