David Johnson takes pay cut, stays with Texans

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Texans running back David Johnson will remain in Houston after taking a pay cut.

Johnson has agreed to a new deal that guarantees him $4.25 million this season, with incentives that could pay him up to $6 million, according to multiple reports.

That’s a substantial pay cut from the $7.95 million he was set to make as a base salary this season, with an additional $862,500 available in roster bonuses.

But Johnson apparently calculated that if the Texans released him, he wouldn’t get any more than what the Texans were offering. And so he is staying put at a time when the Texans are losing a lot of their other high-profile players.

4 responses to “David Johnson takes pay cut, stays with Texans

  1. Be amazing if nfl owners and shareholders made that kind of $ sacrifice to something meaningful…..Britt Reids victim…

  2. Its not a substantial pay cut at all. Anything> 0, which is what he would have earned form the Texans if he didn’t take a paycut.

  3. I know many folks think the Texans are a dumpster fire! As a fan, I am thinking the dumpster fire is over. Think about it this way. The last three GM’s, Rick Smith, Gaines, and O’Brien all made horrible drafts, trades, and got the Texans in the mess they are in. Caserio is a huge improvement over the last three. With the new GM, the Texans should become better at drafting, signing free agents, and managing the cap.

    Even with the some of the worst GM’s in the history of the NFL, the Texans still won the AFC South 6 of the last 10 seasons.

    Caserio, given time, will be better, far better than the previous three GM’s. Keeping Watson or receiving a kings ransom for Watson, will be the first test for Caserio.

    Either way the Texans will be better just because they now have a real GM!

  4. I like every move Caserio has made so far. Granted, there haven’t been very many transactions yet. But keep in mind the mess the Texans are in is not his fault. I’m willing to give him a chance.

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