Davon Godchaux return to Miami may not work economically

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Defensive tackle Davon Godchaux‘s 2020 season came to an early end due to a torn biceps and the injury might have also opened the door to his departure from the team this offseason.

Godchaux had started 37 straight games before his Week 5 injury and his absence opened the door for the trio of Christian Wilkins, Raekwon Davis, and Zach Sieler to handle the defensive tackle duties. The presence of that trio and Godchaux’s perceived value led his agent Drew Rosenhaus to suggest that remaining in Miami may be an unlikely outcome.

“Davon would love to come back and the Dolphins would like for him to come back,” Rosenhaus said on WSVN, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “The question is can we make it work economically because the Dolphins have invested in three other defensive tackles recently. Davon is one of the most talented defensive tackles, I believe, and the Dolphins would have to be able to compensate him in that capacity. I’m not sure that they will, given the talent they have on the team. We’ll see if the Dolphins are able to step up and be competitive with other teams that may not have as much talent at the defensive tackle position.”

Godchaux had 179 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, 16 quarterback hits, three sacks, and a forced fumble in 52 overall appearances for the Dolphins over the last four years.

5 responses to “Davon Godchaux return to Miami may not work economically

  1. Don’t you just love used car salesman acting as player’s agents? Godchaux could be a great player. Could be. Might be. Maybe is. Hasn’t done anything yet in a Miami uniform except fans have heard how great he could be. On top of the I haven’t really accomplished anything yet thing he has going he was injured the entire year last year. I always like paying extra once I see the work done.

  2. Gee Drew Rosenhaus saying his soon to be free agent client is the best at their position, haven’t heard that before. Godchaux is ok definetly not great. All Drew needs is a plaid or checkered jacket.

  3. Let him leave as a free agent and get the compensatory pick next year. We need a big body in the middle to occupy two people not one to get to the quarterback. We’ve got Wilkins who can do that in the middle. We can draft an occupier in the second round.

  4. Rotating defensive linemen instead of relying on a single high paid star is how Jimmy Johnson built his championship defense. Young, fast and cheap is one strategy that can work.

  5. He’ll test free agency, but I don’t think he’ll get what he’s looking for coming off an injury and not playing the second half of the season. Especially since Davis filled his roll pretty nicely tag teaming with Wilkins in the trenches. Fins will go young, expect this position and unfortunately LB, again, to be addressed in the draft.

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