James Conner unlikely to remain in Pittsburgh

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After four years in Pittsburgh, running back James Conner appears to be on the way out.

Conner becomes a free agent in two weeks and is unlikely to re-sign with the Steelers, according to ESPN.

Last year Conner was the Steelers’ leading rusher with 721 yards, but most of his production came early in the season and he wasn’t able to get much going as the Steelers’ offense struggled down the stretch. Conner missed time late in the season with a quadriceps injury and never ran for even 40 yards in any game from Week 12 through Pittsburgh’s postseason loss.

The 25-year-old Conner may need to find a new NFL home, and Pittsburgh may need to look elsewhere for a starting running back.

23 responses to “James Conner unlikely to remain in Pittsburgh

  1. Bring back Laveon Bell. He knows the offense and the Steelers know how to use him. This is the only logical fit.

  2. James has a great story but in the pass-happy NFL, running backs are fungible and hence undervalued.

  3. A talented physical runner who unfortunately couldn’t stay healthy. He still has gas left in the tank. Low cost high reward type gamble in FA.

  4. Not worth a 2nd contract. Love the guys play style and approach to the game, seems like a nice person but he just isnt worth the money. Time for the next steelers RB.

  5. Javonte Williams at 24 unless it’s 28 cause they trade down and get another pick is the future Steelers stud RB

  6. Good guy, but guessing he’ll be a low tier FA and may have to wait til close to the start of the season for something to open up

  7. Good running back, has shown he can get it done with a solid O line. I think that was the crux of the issues last season. Wasn’t Conner it was the O line just not able to open up lanes for him, specifically as the season went on. plus he just can’t stay healthy, which has definitely been an issue. More durability is in order for the RB position. None of his backups have shown they can take the reigns either. so either sign him to a deal with an injury incentive, (which is impossible to predict) or let him go and grab a pair of fresh young legs in the draft. RBs are a dime a dozen, don’t even need to use a first round pick on one.

  8. Regardless of where he goes, he was a big inspiration to young cancer patients in Pittsburgh.

  9. notwhoyouthinkitis says:
    March 2, 2021 at 12:58 pm
    Regardless of where he goes, he was a big inspiration to young cancer patients in Pittsburgh.

    Well-said, and everywhere! And he’s a great kid!

  10. He’s a GREAT story, but he’s NOT the answer at RB. I’m glad someone can finally see that.

  11. cheaptrix12 says:
    March 2, 2021 at 1:11 pm
    Come to Seattle. If we lose Chris Carson, we need a hard nosed RB!
    Even if you sign Conner, you will still need a hard nosed RB!

  12. It’s the right move. Snell / AMC are serviceable as a 1-2 punch. Not world beaters but not major liabilities either. Spend money and draft capital elsewhere.

  13. Great guy, great story…but let’s stop with it was the O lines fault. That’s only really part of the equation with Conner. Truth be told, he was a hard running ball carrier who couldn’t stay healthy. Not a great combination when it comes to running backs. He also has had issues fumbling in the past. Wherever he lands I wish him luck. He would’ve been better utilized running behind a fullback, why that never took shape with the signing of Derek Watt last offseason, I’ll never know.

  14. I live in Maryland and follow Maryland football.

    Steeler’s fans; get ready for Maryland University’s own, Anthony McFarland Jr.!

    He’s a home-run hitter and once he starts you can’t put it back in the bottle! Tomlin brought him along slowly, but watch out!

  15. Good dude, great story, wish him nothing but the best. Also, he should have dove on the ball.

  16. Good move if he goes. The “fan favorite” “schtick” was a sports media creation/jersey sales tactic. It’s well-known in PGH that JC isn’t a very nice person to approach for an autograph or selfie. Just ask the people who tried to get one on the “Steeler cruises” he’s been a part of.

  17. Cancer survivor.
    Covid survivor.
    An in state kid who was a star at Pitt, which shares training facilities and home field with the Steelers.
    The kind of stories movies come from.
    But injuries kept out of too many games and who knows all the illnesses may have worn him down.
    Hope the story picks up somewhere but it won’t be in Pittsburgh.

  18. You can easily find one later in the draft or even as an UFA. Just look at James Robinson for the Jags. I’d never heard of him but that guy can play. RB is one place where you can save money for other positions.

  19. This guy got hurt stepping off the bus to the stadium & was slower than molasses in Alaska. Not to mention fumbles at the worst possible times. He’s a backup at best, and he’s worth about 1/2 the salary he stole over the four painful yrs Steelers fans had to watch him.

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