Johnathan Joseph had long conversation with J.J. Watt about playing in Arizona

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Cornerback Johnathan Joseph may not be playing with J.J. Watt as a member of the Cardinals in 2021, but a chat with his former Texans teammate may have helped Watt land in Arizona.

Joseph signed with the Cardinals last November and appeared in four games for the team before landing on injured reserve. That time was enough for him to become a sounding board for Watt about the experience of playing for the NFC West team.

During that chat, Joseph said that he praised defensive coordinator Vance Joseph’s handling of the unit and was left with an inkling that Watt was going to wind up in Arizona.

“Obviously I spent time in Arizona, so you know me and him had a long conversation about that. . . . I kinda had an idea all along where he was probably going to end up going,” Joseph said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Just from the conversation that me and him had and just knowing the situation they have there with a young team on offense that has playmakers. Defense, the same thing. Throughout his career, he’s never been able to play with someone as dominant as him on the other side so you put him with Chandler Jones.”

Joseph joins Patrick Peterson and Dre Kirkpatrick as Cardinals corners headed for free agency, so there’s still a lot for the Cardinals to settle when it comes to who will be playing behind Jones and Watt next season.

10 responses to “Johnathan Joseph had long conversation with J.J. Watt about playing in Arizona

  1. The hardest thing to do is to project what college players will be as pros. But that’s why GMs make big money, to build a team through the draft, not free agency. It’s easy to sign free agents, because they’ve already declared what they will be as pros. That’s why Keim signs free agents. But his draft record has been horrible. Sure you “failed” into the consensus #1 overall pick, now you’re a genius because you got a quarterback who covers SOME of your draft day misses? Isaiah simmons isn’t even an ideal fit for your 3-4 defense. Not to mention the last 2 coaches you selected (steve wilks and kingsbury) have both been abysmal, for different reasons. Keim just isn’t very good at his job. Just look at the facts and draft history.

  2. As “Abysmal” as Kingsbury has been. ( According to your well supported and explained post)..

    He has added 3 Wins from the previous season In each of his seasons…

    So something is going right.

  3. playedthegame47, clearly you don’t pay enough attention/are a casual fan with this type of comment. The team may have failed into the top overall pick, but Keim could’ve easily drafted Bosa and earned high draft grades, but went with the more difficult decision in moving on from Rosen and drafting Kyler. You also seem to not recall he traded up for budda baker, an undersized safety. What about humphries, reddick (will surely cash in after the coaches finally figured out how to use him), chase Edmonds, Byron Murphy, etc. I’d agree drafting is not his strong suit, but to call him a failure is ignorant. He’s also one of the best of the 1-year prove it deals, like cromartie, John Abraham, etc. Just do some better research next time, bud.

  4. Now that Ringling Bros is firmly entrenched at the Houston franchise I’m sure JJ is very glad to be out of there. The NFC West was a very competitive division last year and next year is looking like it will be the same (assuming the Seahawks can smooth things over with Russel Wilson).

  5. How is Keim still an NFL? He literally is the worst GM in the entire league, what is this moron doing in the desert?

  6. Slightl knock on jafaveon clowney and whitney mercilus with Johnathan Joseph saying Watt never played with someone on the other side that was good.

  7. Arizona reached for Watt. Watt chased the money. He’s a great guy but has fallen off, big time. 9-7

  8. First of all, since when we’re wins indicative of ability to do a job? If that were entirely true, every assistant coach from New England would have success. The Cards won in spite of Kingsbury and Keim, not “because of” them. Furthermore, Bosa was never a real consideration for a QB starved team with the #1 overall pick-when Rosen (whom keim said was the best thrower in the draft🤣🤣) stunk the year before. Let’s be honest, all the guys you listed Humphries, Murphy, reddick, Edmonds, baker. Other than Baker ( who was the first pro bowl safety selection without an interception-but still a good player)….all of those you mentioned are just guys. None of them are elite players. Murphy’s good, but you drafted a guy in the 2nd round who can ONLY play inside at nickel. And you’re still looking for starting outside corners. Proving that even Murphy was Probably over drafted. Believe me, I don’t have to research. I can assure you I’m closer to the situation than you. I’ll leave it at that. Good try though. 😊

  9. josh plum – “as dominant as him” does not mean that they weren’t good. Read it again. Neither Clowney or Mercilus have the body of work that JJ does. What Joseph said isn’t wrong or a knock, really. It’s a simple observation. Both of those players are REALLY good. They just aren’t Watt or Chandler Jones. That’s a nightmare duo that has ability and experience. There’s nothing they haven’t seen. If the back end of that defense is figured out, that’s going to be an incredibly strong defense on paper. Should be fun to see how it works out on the field.

  10. playedthegame47, closer to the situation than me? So you’re Instagram friends with a player? Gtfo! What about tyrann Matthieu, David Johnson, John brown, jj nelson. There are plenty of players that Keim has pulled the trigger on that are still contributing players. Just guys is a slant, I guess, but you can’t deny they’re top 15 at their position, which makes them solid. That’s also only a part of his job, which you clearly don’t understand. Btw, Murphy plays a position that is required in today’s NFL. If you can’t cover the slot, teams will eat you up. Do your research, then comment next time. Just saying, good try though.

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