Kenny Golladay decision in “forefront” of Lions’ minds

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Lions head coach Dan Campbell said at a Tuesday press conference that wide receiver is “somewhat of a need” for the team as they make plans for the 2021 season and that need could grow in the next couple of weeks.

Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, Danny Amendola, and Mohamed Sanu are all set for free agency, so the Lions could find themselves with an almost entirely bare cupboard at the position. Golladay would likely draw the most attention on the open market and is a candidate for the franchise tag, but General Manager Brad Holmes didn’t signal his intentions when he took his turn with reporters.

Holmes said that the team is going through a process to determine whether they use the tag and make the “best decision” for the team when it comes to a decision on Golladay.

“I don’t think there’s any debate that Kenny has shown the ability to be a No. 1 receiver in this league,” Holmes said. “With that skill set that everybody knows that he has, that we all know he has, and being at where we’re at a roster standpoint, there’s also been no debate that Kenny has been at the forefront of our mind in terms of making sure that we make the best possible decision for not only the Lions but for Kenny. I wish I had a more direct answer to you to tell you exactly what we’re going to do, but out of respect for that process we’ll keep that in house.”

Holmes said he does not think that the team’s cap situation would keep them from using the tag as they are planning for various scenarios based on where the cap number ultimately comes in for the season. Teams have until March 9 to use the tag.

7 responses to “Kenny Golladay decision in “forefront” of Lions’ minds

  1. Exactly, Golladay is a stud. I hope for his sake he can get out of Detroit. I’d bet they throw the tag on him this year.

  2. vikingsvoice says:
    March 2, 2021 at 10:18 am
    Golladay is a stud. I can’t believe the Lions haven’t extended him.

    Blame ownership. They should have fired Quinn after 2019, but instead, Martha gave the “win now or get fired” ultimatum. Nobody is trying to extend people when they are feverishly trying to win now. Nobody is looking to draft a QB in the first round last year with the 3rd pick when the directive is to win now. If they brought in Holmes last year, Tua or Herbert is a Lion and Golladay is likely locked up long term. And bad/mediocre signings like Vaitai, Shelton, Nick Williams, and Trufant probably don’t happen, because you wouldn’t be spending that kind of money on the open market. If anything, keeping Quinn 1 more year probably cost the Lions 2 years in a rebuild… and the Stafford trade securing 2 firsts might have mitigated the lost time from that mistake.

    That being said, I pray they fix it with Golladay, but I expect him to walk and the Lions to get a comp 3rd rounder in 2022.

  3. vikingsvoice says:
    March 2, 2021 at 10:18 am
    Golladay is a stud. I can’t believe the Lions haven’t extended him.
    Timing was the reason it didn’t happen . Gollady was in negotiations before 2019 but both sides agreed to revisit it after the season . As we all know Covid arrived and the talks were halted because so much was unknown about the immediate future . 2020 arrived Gollady was injured for most of the year and Quinn and Patricia were fired so nothing was going to be done until the new regime took over . Now with the lower cap being in place the Lions are faced with the fact a long term deal likely can’t be done . The options are to tag him with the hopes of working out a longer deal after the season , tag and trade him or tag him and let him walk after the season for the compensatory pick . The safest choice to me is the tag and trade since WR seems to provide strong draft classes each year . Getting more assets for the future would be better then spending big money on a long term deal or letting him play this season with the possibility of injury that could impact the compensatory pick they would get if he signed elsewhere after the 2021 season . Thinking it would be very possible for the Lions to get more then the low 3rd round pick they would receive if they let him walk after the season and he signed with another team by trading him now .

  4. Sign and trade or see ya Kenny it’s a rebuild not paying a 27 yr old WR 17 per year nann

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