Kevin Stafanski: Odell Beckham Jr. is doing great in his rehab

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
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Odell Beckham Jr. missed the majority of the Browns’ first winning season since 2007 after tearing his ACL in Week 7.

But at this point, it appears he’s on track to return and impact Cleveland’s offense in 2021.

“I really don’t have much of an update, other than I know he’s doing great,” head coach Kevin Stefanski said during his Tuesday press conference. “Our medical people are in contact with the guys he’s working out with. As you can imagine, he’s attacking this thing. So I know he’s doing great.”

Beckham had 23 reception for 319 yards with three touchdowns in his injury-shortened season. Though he wasn’t around for all of 2020, Stefanski expects good progression from Beckham from his first to second year in the offense.

“He’s, as you can imagine, very very committed to getting back to 100 percent,” Stefanski said. “He’s well on his way in his rehab. So, excited about his future.”

Since Cleveland acquired him in 2019, Beckham has caught 97 passes for 1,354 yards with seven touchdowns. 

13 responses to “Kevin Stafanski: Odell Beckham Jr. is doing great in his rehab

  1. Trade him while he’s worth something. It’s not a coincidence that the team blossomed in his absence

  2. Big contracts given to me-me-me malcontents rarely work out for the team. Sometimes it’s the disfunctional teams that made the deal that is major component of the failure, but the Browns did fine without Beckhem so me thinks this was not money well spent. I’m not saying that the team wouldn’t be better with him, just that he is not worth the price in cap cost+draft cost+general pain in the assness.

  3. I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight knowing this. Seriously, he will likely go down as one of the biggest all-time wastes of talent ever….and Im a Giants fan since 1979 who was devastated when we traded him to the Browns. I was wrong.

  4. Have you seen OBJ, Coach? No.

    Heard from him? No.

    How’s he doing? Great!

  5. Perhaps they can fix his ACL, but unless they fix his attitude, it wont matter much.

  6. Zero 100-yard games this season and after he went on IR they went 6-3 without him including their first playoff win in 26 years. Be honest and admit that you’d forgotten he was still with the Browns.

  7. Young QBs need deep threat receiver and OBJ is that receiver for the Baker and the Browns.

  8. Anyone saying the Browns don’t need Beckham clearly didn’t watch the Divisional game vs KC. Browns had no downfield threat and the KC defense sat on all their short routes with press man coverage, allowing Mathieu to roam and play CF.

  9. I don’t expect him to be on their roster when the season starts. They are currently ~$14M over the cap and OBJ counts nearly $16M. Do the math. Plus they were better off without him and his circus side-show act.

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