Kevin Stefanski: I know Baker Mayfield can continue to get better

Indianapolis Colts  v Cleveland Browns
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield displayed clear progress in his first season with head coach Kevin Stefanski, finishing 2020 with 3,463 yards passing, 26 touchdowns, and just eight interceptions.

With Mayfield entering his fourth year as a pro, Stefanski said Tuesday he’s expecting the quarterback to continue improving as he gains more comfort and familiarity in the offense.

“I wouldn’t put any parameters on any of our guys when it comes to their trajectory. I would just tell you, I know he can continue to get better,” Stefanski said in his press conference. “He’s another person who is eager to get better. He’s champing at the bit. And when he walks in this building, or we virtually see him next, we’ll make sure that we outline some things that he can improve upon. But I think you all know this about Baker — he works really, really, really hard at his craft. And I think that’s something, when you do that, you’ve got a chance.”

Stefanski noted that as he got to know Mayfield and the quarterback’s teammates in 2020, he also got more comfortable in scheming to the team’s strengths. That worked out, as the club won advanced to the playoffs for the first time since 2002 and won its first playoff game since 1994.

If Mayfield continues his progress, the Browns could be in even better position in 2021.

14 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: I know Baker Mayfield can continue to get better

  1. Baker did show a lot of progress last year. Browns and Ravens will slug it out for top dog in AFC North. Bengals too young and Steelers too old

  2. I like everyone on the Browns except Mayfield and Garrett. Mayfield needs a class in being humble and he too could be liked by all. Browns fans make like it, the way he carries himself, but non browns fans despise him. I don’t get the “I’m better than you” attitude but it’s keeping him down in the likability category. Garret is just a tool, ever since he played the Jessie Smollet race card he lost all likability. Great player no doubt, but just selfish baby when it all came down to it.

  3. Yeah he’ll get better if he gets taller. He will fare somewhere between Manziel and Jeff Garcia. He’s the AFC North’s new Andy Dalton. In other words, they will pay him $100mill to go 9-7 or 10-6 for the next 5 yrs.

  4. Not a Browns fans… but, they should have beat Kansas City in the playoffs. KC got lucky.

  5. I know Baker can get better… Aka… I really wish we took Josh Allen.

  6. Yeah got better. And the more he hands the ball off the better he’ll get. It’s throwing the ball that gets him in trouble.

  7. I think he WILL get better. And even if he shows no improvement from the end of last season, then we’re easily still in the hunt, assuming we strengthen the defense.

  8. Coaches responsibility to build up his quarterbacks confidence. Baker has probably reached his potential right now. Good quarterback, not great. Game manager type. However, I do not see Cleveland improving on their W-L record. They were 8-1 in one score games. Teams are not usually that good(or lucky)consistently. A regression usually occurs the following season. Most good teams are anywhere from 4-4(Rams) to 5-3(Saints) Cleveland will not sneak up on other teams this year.

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