Matt LaFleur: Joe Barry learned a lot from previous defensive coordinator jobs

NFL: DEC 20 Jets at Rams
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The Packers parted ways with defensive coordinator Mike Pettine after their NFC Championship Game loss to the Buccaneers and head coach Matt LaFleur considered nine candidates before hiring Joe Barry to run the defense this season.

In a Tuesday press conference, LaFleur stressed Barry’s ability to communicate when discussing why he was the choice to take over the job. Communication was a problem for the team at the end of the first half of their loss to the Packers when they allowed a touchdown pass to Scotty Miller that helped swing the game in Green Bay’s favor.

Barry’s communication skills weren’t much help in stints as the defensive coordinator in Detroit and Washington as his units always finished at or near the bottom of the league. LaFleur did not express any concern about more of the same in his third tour.

“He’s learned a lot from those previous experiences,” LaFleur said.

That added knowledge will have to pay off in progress on the field or there won’t be many in Green Bay thrilled about the direction things are going on defense.

22 responses to “Matt LaFleur: Joe Barry learned a lot from previous defensive coordinator jobs

  1. And Mike Pettine learned that Matt LaFleur will make you the scapegoat if he screws up a playoff game. Joe Barry will probably learn that too.

  2. Yes. He learned how to lose. Defense will continue to be their weakness

  3. Yeah, he learned a lot from his past jobs. He learned how NOT to be defensive coordinator.

  4. He’s learned a lot from those previous experiences,” LaFleur said.
    Except how to make a defense better.

  5. This dude was a straight bum as a DC. He was a bum in Detroit and Washington. I remember guys constantly complaining about not understanding their assignments and arguing with him on the side lines. He was terrible. He can’t hold Jack Del Rio’s jock strap.

    WFT Fan

  6. The only thing I really remember about his time as DC in Washington is he was either an energy drink or coffee addict….that and all the blown coverages.

  7. GB did not lose to the Packers and Scotty Miller did not swing game to GB. Second graph looks like was written by a faulty algorithm.

  8. I really hope he did. The body of work to date isn’t good at all.

  9. He learned how to have the last ranked defense in the NFL. He learned how to lose a locker room and have his players quit on him. But what else can LaFleur say when he first choice flat out rejected laFleur’s offer?

  10. Just watched Joe Barry’s presser. Love his energy and how he said he is “proud of his scars” and how you only get better when you have gone through rough times.

    His thoughts on defense have changed over the years. He ran a totally different system then. They ran a Tampa 2 in Wash and Detroit. Joe now has totally different thoughts on defense. Joe has worked with several DC’s and was part of the success of the Rams #1 defense last season. That is why Brandon Staley hired Joe to come with him when Staley got the head coaching job with the Chargers.


  11. Abysmal results as a coordinator so far.

    Not going to apologize for doubting he can do the job.

  12. Why would defensive players or coaches with pedigree want to go to Green Bay? They are always scapegoated or thrown under the bus by the head coach and their fans.

    The defensive call to end the half was bad. Rodgers throwing an interception at midfield in a two minute drill was inexcusable and a high school level mistake in regards to situational football. Either play it safe or take a knee there.

  13. First of all, Joe Barry wouldn’t have necessarily been my 1st choice for DC in Green Bay.
    But that’s neither here nor there.

    I really don’t care about the statistical rankings of the defenses he coached.
    Let’s be honest, Detroit and Washington are simply not Green Bay in culture or talent.
    Not even close.

    Barry has a well versed backround in a variety of defensive philosophies.
    Rumor has it that Matt LaFleur was looking for a coach who could run Vic Fangio’s system, a defense the Head Coach deems the toughest to game plan against.
    If this is true, I’m intrigued.

    Throwing out past stats, I care what Barry’s peers and former players feel about the coach.
    Obviously Sean McVay felt strongly enough about him to name him Assistant Head Coach during his tenure with the Rams.

    Several former player even sang his praises after the GB hire.

    One in particular was former DB in Washington, Will Blackman, who had this to say, “When I first met him, it was 2015 in Washington. The cool thing about Joe B. is he’s willing to adjust and continue to find ways. Yes, we did not have the greatest personnel on defense. We had a bunch of outcasts with the exception of a few guys like Ryan Kerrigan and Preston (Smith). But he was able to find a way where he kept the energy good. He came to work every day like crazy-excited and passionate despite everything that was going on. There was a bunch of stuff going on with the GM and the president and ownership…we had so many guys rotating in and out, we had some guys suspended. We had a bunch of new faces, but he was able to make a game plan that allowed us to go out there and compete. Now, he’s going to a team in Green Bay, which is his best roster. He has great football knowledge to truly get done what needs to be done. I understand the numbers but sometimes that’s just how it is.”

    Blackmon continued, “I remember I would come back to the facility a couple times a week to watch extra film.
    I’d leave at 11 o’clock or midnight and Joe Barry’s taking a break. I’m like, ‘Go home, man!’ But he’s up all night just because he cares. The best thing about Joe B. is he has absolutely zero ego. It’s never about him. Never, ever, ever. It’s never about Joe. It’s always about the players. He’s an emotional guy when it comes to that. He’s emotional and passionate. So, I understand his history in terms of success. But there’s a reason why Joe was the assistant head coach of the Rams. He’s got head coach qualities in terms of the leadership and being able to communicate. At the end of the day, as a coach, if you’re able to lead, if you’re able to communicate and you truly have the best interests in the players, that’s all that matters.”

    I’ll just point out, again, that this isn’t Washington or Detroit, maybe we should all just hold off on our kneejerk reactions until we see a few results.

  14. It’s easy to say he’s learned a lot. That’s what they said in Washington when then hired him. What they got was a bottom five DC for two painful years. Some guys aren’t able to take the next step up the ladder. Barry is one of those guys. Barry won’t have Aaron Donald or Jalen Ramsey. Look for the Packers defense to take a step backwards.

  15. The only thing this guy should’ve learned is he’s incompetent and doesn’t belong in the NFL, let alone a DC…Green Bay fans better get used to watching blown assignments in the secondary while getting torched over and over…it’s a joke this guy gets yet another chance…

  16. I tell you it’s a real hoot watching some cheese eaters trying to put lipstick on a pig.

  17. Jim Leonard wanted nothing to do with that hot garbage defense and coaching dynamic. Only a bottom feeder would accept that job.

  18. Let’s be honest, Detroit and Washington are simply not Green Bay in culture or talent.
    Not even close.

    Culture, sure.


    2007 the Lions had some talent, especially on the front-7

    2015-2016.. kind of a smorgasbord. Nothing really stands out.

    And its not like this is the Legion of Boom. This is a middling unit. They’re fine when they’re hitting the QB. Otherwise, its open season, as we saw with Brady a few weeks ago.

  19. Rodgers throwing an interception at midfield in a two minute drill was inexcusable and a high school level mistake in regards to situational football

    BLATANT pass interference on that play. Every bit as bad as Kings double jersey grab.

    The WR was hooked on the shoulder and redirected.

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