Report: Talks between Cowboys, Dak Prescott’s agent are “progressing”

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The Cowboys want to get a long-term deal completed with Dak Prescott, preferably before the March 9 franchise tag deadline. After months to negotiate, it appears the sides finally are making progress.

Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News reports Prescott’s representation and the Cowboys’ discussions are “more productive than they have been.”

Placing the franchise tag on Prescott would result in a $37.7 million cap hit for the Cowboys but give them until July 15 to continue negotiating. Not placing the franchise tag on Prescott would make him a free agent March 17.

The sides couldn’t agree on length of contract a year ago, with Prescott wanting four years and the Cowboys five. He played 2020 under the $31.4 million franchise tag.

Prescott was leading the league in passing yards with 1,856 before the compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle in Week 5 against the Giants. He underwent immediate surgery and a second surgery in December.

Prescott was seen at a football camp and the wedding of tight end Blake Jarwin without the use of crutches in the past week, according to Watkins.

Prescott is expected to be healed in time for training camp in late July.

32 responses to “Report: Talks between Cowboys, Dak Prescott’s agent are “progressing”

  1. Que the at home GMs who are gonna say they wouldn’t pay Dak no more then 20 mil a year. Some don’t understand the meaning of “market price”. Prob the same ones who over pay for mediocre chain store coffee when you can get the same if not better coffee at home for way less.

  2. With Dak demanding a 4 year contract last year instead of signing the 5 year that Dallas offered, does he now want a 3 year contract this year? Signing a 4 year contract today is like signing a 5 year last year.

  3. Let me grab a bowl of popcorn and get comfy. Things are about to get interesting!

  4. Redskins fan: watching Daks ankle turn into a geometry problem last year actually sucked. I hope he gets paid.

  5. Paid Zeke and Amari too much. Money better spent on a franchise qb like Dak. Cowboys need to focus on defense rather than paying a premium for RB and WR. With a top-10 defense that division runs through Dallas.

  6. I wonder if this is happening with the knowledge that they plan on trading him for Russell Wilson as soon as he signs in a sign and trade?

  7. Nah, we won’t tag you. We will see how the market goes….Dallas is screwed either way….Dak should just lay back and let his cousin Kirk keep leading the way w $.

    Dude is looking at starter money for being mad about a long term deal. If anything…Dak is GameStop Stock right now ……

  8. Omg no, please god no, no, no, nooooooo!
    This will make me stop being a Cowboys fan until JJ dies

  9. So sick and tired of this soap opera. Let the parties move on in their own separate ways.

  10. wasn’t it over a year ago when the joneses were blabbing and bragging on their radio show how they were “close” to a long term contract?

  11. Nobody cares how many passing yards Dak had. Often missing from these articles is the fact that the Cowboys were 1-3 going into the game he was injured.

    As a Cowboys fan I think Dak is a good QB. I don’t think he’s elite/best 2 or 3 in the league. I think the Cowboys made him a more than fair offer last year. His offer shouldn’t be more AFTER suffering a gruesome injury, that nobody knows how he will recover from.

    Dak might not have the same abilities he had pre-injury. That certainly doesn’t make him worth more cash. I think it would be very foolish of the Cowboys to over pay Dak. They will certainly regret it, if they do. We have no idea what Dak’s capabilities are going to be moving forward.

    I realize the rest of the league, & fans of other teams would LOVE to see Dak break the bank here. I think the smart play for Dallas would be to tag him again, & see what his real market value is. I don’t believe any team would give up two 1st round pics for him.

  12. Without knowing how the new TV deal is going to raise the cap in future years, Daks agents aren’t going to recommend he sign a long term deal unless it’s way over the top.

  13. As a longtime fan i wouldn’t mind if they didn’t sign him. I dont see us getting better by paying him 40 million a year.

  14. If I was the Cowboys I would make a fair, market value offer and say that’s it. Take it or leave it. There are to many 8-8 quarterbacks in the league to be tied to one with a questionable ankle and abilities. If Dak declines let him walk, sign a veteran QB and draft a young QB at number 10 in the first round. Use the money you save on Dak to build your team in other places……for which you do have holes.

  15. Dallas o line is not what it used to be! those guys are aging and are very injury prone! Dak could get reinjured behind this line if there is no improvement from them in 2021!

  16. Dak needs to fire his agent Todd France asap, i bet he is the main reason this deal has not been completed yet.

  17. If the reports that he’s looking for money just behind what Mahomes got are true then he can take a hike, it’s a guarantee that no team will pay an FA QB that kind of money, especially one who only has 1 playoff win in 5 years as a starter.

  18. The Cowboys should put the transition tag on him. Then, when nobody makes an offer they’ll have Dak over a barrel. Let’s face it, the Cowboys themselves are in transition. That offensive line that was good for so many years is old and some of them are already gone. They have too many high salary guys. Their top seven players count $123M against the cap, and that’s without Dak. How exactly is that going to work? How good will Dak be with an average or below average offensive line?

    It’s probably time to start the rebuild now. The longer they kick that can down the road the longer it will be before they’re competitive again.

  19. For all the drama that’s come from Prescott, Wilson, and Watson this offseason, I find more and more likely to believe that none of them will win a Super Bowl in the years ahead.

  20. Never fails to blow my mind when I read about how eager Jerry is to lock up Dak long-term at top dollar. Reminds me of when the Phins did the same with Tannehill, and were stuck in sub-mediocrity for 5 years. Sure, Tannehill is doing a righteous job for TEN now, but he wasn’t the franchise guy for the Phins back then, and everyone knew it but the Phins. JUST LIKE this Dak situation…

    And the ankle making a 180-degree turn hasn’t slowed the pursuit down one bit… Geez, it’s baffling to me. But then, I’m not the guy making draft decisions from my yacht, so what do I know?

  21. I’m an Eagles fan, so admittedly I love watching the cowboys squander and squabble.

    I especially liked Witten wear a wig to sport cast then instantly be bald as a Raider….

    Cowboys are all show/glamor/hype. No soul or real substance….except for the players they sign with issues with that too.

  22. Given Dak’s gruesome injury, and the fact that he has not yet proven the extent to which he has recovered, I don’t understand why any team would “pay Dak” much at this time. At best a teams would need to give him a heavily incentive-laden contract to protect themselves

  23. Dak: “I want to be paid like the best.”

    Team: “No shot, we’d rather take Cam on a one-year and take a chance in the draft.”

    Dak: “Fine, someone will pay me!”

    Team: “No they won’t.”

    Dak: “But I’m really good.”

    Team: “You’re pretty good. And you just broke your knee in half.”

    Dak: “I want to get paid like the second best.”


  24. As a Bills fan through the good and bad… when you have a good QB. Its best to keep him. Do yourselves a favor and sign the guy, might be 20 years until you find another one.

  25. Over the last three years, Prescott is 5-13 against winning teams.

    He has one playoff win, three years ago.

    No other team would offer him anything remotely near what the Cowboys already have.

    Sounds like a good time to let him walk.

  26. No other team would offer him anything remotely near what the Cowboys already have.

    .625 win% as a full-time starter, on a team that is pretty average.

    97 career rating, nearly had a 5000 yard passing season.

    With half the League looking for a QB, SOMEONE, DEFINITELY! would pay this man.

  27. chino62885 says:
    March 2, 2021 at 10:53 pm
    Que the at home GMs who are gonna say they wouldn’t pay Dak no more then 20 mil a year. Some don’t understand the meaning of “market price”. Prob the same ones who over pay for mediocre chain store coffee when you can get the same if not better coffee at home for way less.
    Market price: I decided to pay $1000 for this can of beans. Now if you want a can of beans, you also have to pay $1000.

    Just because someone does something stupid, doesn’t mean everyone has to.

  28. Players I’d love to watch for less $ then what Dak will get (in no particular order)
    Cam Newton, a rookie, Russel Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Jacoby Brissett, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jamies Winston, Nick Mullens

  29. Over the last four seasons, Dak is 6-20 against teams with winning records. He’s in that Carr, Cousins range that can only take you so far. No way I break the bank for him.

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