Ryan Pace: We want to keep good players and Allen Robinson is a good player for us

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears
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Wide receiver Allen Robinson has expressed frustration at times with the Bears because they have not made a stronger push to sign him to a long-term contract and now there’s a chance they’ll use the franchise tag in order to keep him off the open market this month.

Robinson sounded unenthusiastic about that prospect recently, but General Manager Ryan Pace confirmed at a Tuesday press conference that it is very much in play before next Tuesday’s deadline to use a tag.

“We have a ton of respect for Allen,” Pace said. “We have to do what’s best for the Bears too. We consider everything. . . . No firm decision on that yet, but we know we have it at our disposal. . . . We want to keep our good players and Allen is a good player for us.”

A report last month indicated the Bears could tag Robinson with the intent to trade him and they’d have until July to reach a longer deal with the wideout if they do tag him, so the Bears’ call in the coming days probably won’t end the interest in how things play out with Robinson.

7 responses to “Ryan Pace: We want to keep good players and Allen Robinson is a good player for us

  1. lol

    you are in cap hell which is why he is not already signed

    does anyone know how such dumb and awful gms not only get these jobs but magically keep them for many years after cardinal sin mistakes they should know not to make?

  2. touchback6 says:
    March 2, 2021 at 5:04 pm

    you are in cap hell which is why he is not already signed


    Right, the mythical “cap hell” comments again. If you add them up each season, commenters will say that about 7-10 teams in the league are in “cap hell”. Teams have all sorts of financial tools and strategies at their disposal to keep the players that they really want. Success is a matter of talent evaluation, drafting well, player development, and having a good QB, as well as successfully maneuvering the cap through extensions, cuts and trades. The best organizations consistently compete for the playoffs. Last year around this time people were saying that the Chiefs couldn’t possibly be in the Super Bowl again because they were going to be in “cap hell”.

  3. These guys have no clue what they’re doing. They have a brutal schedule and no apparent plan to fix a number of problem positions on the roster. Maybe they’ll win 4 games.

  4. For those who have no idea what “Cap Hell” means, the bears are not in that category. Only the following teams qualify for that title currently.

    Saints $-66 mil
    Eagles $-40 mil
    Rams $-28 mil
    KC $-19 mil
    ATL $-15 mil
    PIT $-7 mil
    GB $-5 mil
    DET $-3.5 mil
    MIN $-2.7 mil
    LV $-2.7 mil

    That is it.

  5. Robinson probably just had a meltdown because he was called good instead of great.

  6. Robinson is at the age where he really needs to land his last long-term deal. A franchise tag is a really bad deal for him. By the time next year rolls around and he’s still looking for a long-term deal, teams will really be thinking hard about his age. He needs to get it NOW. The Bears may be thinking they have him over a barrel a little bit, trying to get his numbers down.

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