Texans remain the favorites to employ Deshaun Watson in 2021

NFL: DEC 13 Texans at Bears
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The oddsmakers see the Seahawks as the strong favorites to keep quarterback Russell Wilson. The oddsmakers have the Texans as the favorites to keep quarterback Deshaun Watson, but the numbers aren’t nearly as strong.

The Texans, via PointsBet, are +250 to be the team with which Watson takes his next snap. That means a $100 wager will win $250 if the Texans keep Watson.

Frankly, that seems too high. By all indications, Watson means what he has said, even if it’s only been said privately. Watson isn’t playing for the Texans again, and no one has reported otherwise. Thus, if it’s a bluff, it’s a very good one.

The Panthers are just behind the Texans, at +300. Then come the Broncos at +400, the Dolphins and 49ers at +700, the Jets at +800, and the Bears at +900.

Of the 22 teams listed, the Packers are the longshot at +15000. As with the Russell Wilson longshot (the Chiefs) those odds are just too high.

Not listed at all are the Cardinals. With a one-way pipeline emerging between Houston and Phoenix, however, it’s fascinating to ponder a Deshaun for Kyler Murray trade — a move that would be the most significant quarterback-for-quarterback deal since the Houston Oilers sent Dan Pastorini to the Raiders for Kenny Stabler, if not even more significant.

It’s far more realistic to see Watson end up with a team like the Dolphins, since Miami has the ammunition to make a deal, thanks in part to the Miami holding (among other things) Houston’s first-round pick in the 2021 draft, which also happens to be the third overall pick.

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  1. The infix of oddsmakers, point spreads, and prop bets posted with hyper links to the same offshore gambling site mean this website is being paid to shill these ridiculous wagers.

    Either that or the off-season is slow

  2. Watson won’t be suiting up for the Texans again.

    If the owner finally wakes up from being hypnotized and fires Jack Easterby, that guy won’t be able to get a job at 7-11, but that has to happen first if there’s even a tiny chance Watson does decide to play.

  3. Also the Chicago Bears remain the favorite to go ANOTHER 70 years without a franchise QB.

  4. Why aren’t the Texans talking to the Seahawks or Packers? for the first time we have 2 to 3 megastar QBs who are all disgruntled at the same time? Why waste time with the Panthers, Dolphins, or Broncos? Swap Watson for Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers!

  5. Are the Texans truly the favorite or is it the field? I would back up the truck on the field. Watson will not play for the Texans again.

  6. Just because he may be in their employ doesn’t mean he will be playing for them.

  7. I think it’s extremely unlikely that Miami or NYJ trade their top three draft picks for Watson. Those picks historically just aren’t traded for players and those teams scouting departments are likely locked in on blue chip prospects to build around (presumably Zach Wilson and Devonta Smith).

    Even so, if the draft happens and Watson isn’t dealt, it becomes an open competition for him as Miami and the Jets lose their current leverage over the field. Houston needs to find out how if those picks are available before it’s too late.

  8. Watson isn’t playing for the Texans again

    The Texans may have something to say about that.

  9. It completely stuns me that you continually post gambling “odds” as if there’s valuable information in it. IT DOESN’T.

    Oddsmakers sets odds so that betting is spread out and a profits margin is made regardless of the actual outcome.

  10. Mike usually one of the first things you do when a player demands a trade is look at the cap ramifications for the team he’s on.

    You must really want Watson traded because not one single article on this has mentioned what the cap hit to the Texans would be, and given the massive contract Watson recently signed there must be a huge hit involved

    How about an article about the cap hit to the Texans if he were to be traded? It may not even be feasible to do so.

  11. It wouldn’t at all surprise me if something else came out about Watson and the Texans. Possible voice recordings, or something. Seems to be Watson is willing to sacrifice getting paid to not play for them, which is absolutely his right. I also question how that ownership family thinks, given the “inmates” comment over simply kneeling.

  12. If they don’t trade him, I look for him to sit out next year. I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

  13. Looking forward to watching the Texans blow this issue. Watson doesn’t want to be there period. Yeah, so ok Texans play hardball tell Watson he isn’t going anywhere and then Watson says fine, I’m sitting. Well, if Watson sits out four to five games, the Texans LOSE. You will not win without Watson at qb. So make the best deal you can and move on. Easterby is the problem here, not Watson.

  14. The Patriots are one of the most needy teams at QB and after what we witnessed last year they may not even have a decent backup. Where are they in the odds?

  15. It’s absolutely incredible how Jack Easterby can live rent free in some many people’s heads. Jack’s supposed influence is overrated.

  16. “If they don’t trade him, I look for him to sit out next year. I wouldn’t blame him if he did.”

    that would be the best thing for the texans. dont have to take the cap hit of trading him, dont have to pay him, and you’ll lose more games without him playing. and of course, you’ll still get the same trade haul next year.

  17. It may be as simple as he wants out but no one else wants to pay the price.

    The Panthers might be the one exception. Their owner seems impatient enough. But like most of the other plausible teams, they’re verging on rebuilding and the cost of Watson would set that back a lot.

    The Jets have been so quiet that I’m thinking they’re keeping their draft picks and going with Zach Wilson and a flurry of other young talent. Same with Dolphins and Tua.

  18. More like the Texans have control to his rights, until they trade him. He won’t definitely be employed by them come regular season.

  19. Your turn Mr Ciara. Watson article on the top with zero solid news. Hilarious if Houston holds him. Fantastic leadership over there. Eagles got any shenanigans left in them? Jets?

  20. Most Dolphin fans don’t want Watson. If you don’t believe me, check out all the polls in various places.

  21. Who decides the “favorite” in these situations? Sounds like the opinion of Mike Florio to me.

  22. The Texans have had some of the worst GM’s over the last 10 years and still made won the AFC South 6 of the last 10 years. Rick Smith, Gaines, and O’Brien were terrible at drafting, trading and free agency.

    Caserio has the Texans on the correct path. Keeping Watson, or getting a kings ransom for Watson will be Caserio’s first test. Either way, Caserio will be better than the last three GM’s the Texans have had.

  23. Caserio has the Texans on the correct path. Keeping Watson, or getting a kings ransom for Watson will be Caserio’s first test. Either way, Caserio will be better than the last three GM’s the Texans have had.

  24. The Texans are well on their way to building a championship roster …. in Arizona.

  25. Maybe the Texans think that keeping Watson makes sense.

    If Watson plays, then they just move on and try to build a team around Watson.

    If Watson sits, then the Texans lose a lot of games and maybe the Texans get to pick early in the next draft……so that they can take a QB.

  26. barnwhipple69 says:
    March 2, 2021 at 1:26 pm
    It’s absolutely incredible how Jack Easterby can live rent free in some many people’s heads.

    That’s not accurate—it’s just one of the most inexplicable rises to the VP position that anyone has ever seen, and it’s contributing heavily to the implosion over in Houston due to poor decision-making at the top.

    This guy hasn’t proven the ability to run a popsicle stand, but he somehow talked his way into the current EVP of Football Operations role, trading up from the entry-level “rapping with the players” character coach role in unprecedented time. Then, he proceeded to oust anyone who could usurp his falsely-acquired power. It’s almost Mob-like and he learned in on a tv show or something.

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