Dan Campbell says as a “true alpha,” he can concede final say on roster moves

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Lions coach Dan Campbell is continuing to hone his tough-guy image even as he acknowledges that he’s not calling all the shots in Detroit.

Campbell acknowledged that if he and General Manager Brad Holmes have a disagreement about a roster move, Campbell may have to be the one to back down, and he’s OK with that.

“Here’s what I would say about a true alpha,” Campbell said, via the Detroit Free Press. “A true alpha knows when it’s time to concede for the betterment of the team, and so I would tell you, one way or another, there’s already been a couple of things where it’s like, ‘Ah, maybe we don’t — you see it a little more this way, I see it [this way].’ We haven’t had one problem. And we’re not going to have a problem.”

Campbell views himself as a “true alpha,” but there may be more than one alpha in Detroit.

79 responses to “Dan Campbell says as a “true alpha,” he can concede final say on roster moves

  1. Good grief! Is this clown capable of abstract thought, or is it just grunts and growls at all times? He seems to be just a caricature of toxic masculinity. God forbid the Lions employ any women, this can get ugly. This caveman sounds like the perfect individual to continue one of sports’ great losing traditions.

  2. No chance this guy lasts more than two seasons. I loved him as the interim coach for the Phins, but this bravado should’ve died in the 1990’s; it’s like he’s speaking at a college fraternity rush event…

  3. Best of luck to him & the Lions this year, and while I guess it’s a good sign that he’s willing to work with the GM, referring to yourself as “a true alpha” multiple times in a public statement, unless it’s another joke of his, is a pretty clear warning sign the Lions are doomed once again.

  4. Knowing when to admit you’re wrong isn’t a sign of being an “alpha”…it’s the sign of being a wise person (male or female.)

  5. This guys greatest strength appears to be blunt honesty. Honest with others and more importantly honest with himself. No wonder people are flocking to his coaching staff. A true alpha recognizes their faults and weaknesses, accepts them and does what it takes to strengthen them. A rarity these days where everybody has to act like they know it all.

  6. You know who definitely does not use the term “true alpha,” to refer to themselves?

    True alphas.

  7. I have hope that Detroit has turned a corner after decades of mediocrity but this guy, every time he talks, just wow.

    As long as he doesn’t start talking about respecting the process ..

  8. In my experience if you have to tell people how tough you are, you might not be as tough as you think you are.

  9. If anything, Campbell is refreshing and entertaining and has good soundbites.
    Will it translate to the on-field product? I don’t have a clue, but either way.

  10. this guy is doing a lot of talking before he coaches a game for his new team…

  11. True alphas don’t have to go around saying that they are true alphas.

  12. I feel for Lions fans. They deserve to have a good team and be competitive, but this guy is such a tool.

  13. Knows when to “concede for the betterment of the team” He was talking about collaboration and being open to having his mind changed. That’s leadership.

  14. If you have to keep telling everybody you’re an alpha male, you’re not an alpha male.

  15. Hear me Roar…… didn’t the last coach for the lions try the tough guy act?? How did that work out for him?

  16. This guy is such a meat head and I find it refreshingly funny.

    I don’t think it ends with a title, but I’m here for the show.

  17. Wise to leave the coaching decisions to the coaches, and the personnel decisions to the personnel people. I’m not sure what that has to do with alpha. That has more to do with common sense. Yes, you work together on personnel, but the final decisions should be done in a professional manner. You wouldn’t have your scouts calling plays in the super bowl, would you?

  18. I feel like this guy is going to flame out louder and faster than his predecessors.

  19. Dan Campbell won’t last more than 2 seasons in Detroit. This guy is a buffoon.

  20. this guy talks a lot…I just want to find out if he can coach. Surely an upgrade from Patricia but fans are expecting to hit on these 1st round picks from LA and compete for the division within 2-3 years

  21. He knows he is in Detroit? If they get 6 wins with that roster I would make him coach of the year.

  22. This guy is trying way too hard to cover up the fact that aside from biting kneecaps he does not have a plan or a clue.

  23. Well, in the animal kingdom a true Alpha would drive his rival out of the pack (or in the case of Lions the Pride) but since we are talking about humans, I like his willingness to work collaboratively. I can’t help but wonder how much of this is going to look like a “we should have known right there” moment in 2 or three years. He has a big job ahead of him, and unlike his predecessor, he seems like a good guy and he appears to be genuine. That right there can go a long way.

  24. As a fan of another team in the same division, this is going to be so much fun to watch the implosion!!!

  25. using the phrase ‘true alpha’ is almost as lame as using the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’

  26. Does Dan Campbell also want his players to “snap into a slim jim?” Will he punch a hole in the wall when he is fired?

  27. If you have to repeatedly say you’re an alpha, you are probably not an alpha.

  28. Real leaders leave ego at the door. You have standards and process, but the “Me tough guy” nonsense shows the Lion’s organization hasn’t learned anything about hiring a legitimate head coach!

  29. Dan Campbell seems like the kind of guy that would be fun to party with….until he got drunk and tried to fight everyone at the party. We all know that dude!

  30. When he was hired i liked the guy, kinda funny. Now its time for the act to be gone and go to work like a grown man not a wrestler. Tired already of this guy, 3-13 is coming.

  31. This guy is a full and real idiot. There should be a general alert given to all citizens when he is on the street…”Idiot on the loose” type of alert. Funny if not so tragic that black head coach candidates keep getting stiffed. Jim Caldwell gets fired after having a winning record overall. Patricia gets 3 years to do terrible work as a head coach. But Eric Bieniemy can’t get a job after coaching and leading an offense to conference championships 3 straight years and being in 2 SB’s in a row. Wouldve been 3 straight if the other side of the ball’s coordinator wouldve had his stuff together. EVERY OTHER ANDY REID Offensive Coordinator has gotten an NFL head coaching job yet NONE of them ever achieved what he did. But Dan “Caveman” Campbell is a Head Coach.

  32. I want to see Dan Campbell make the playoffs immediately and go to the super bowl so that the copycat NFL hires a bunch of Head Coaches just like him… This is so entertaining… It wasn’t that long ago we had the Jim Harbaugh v Jim Schwartz handshake throwdown. NFL needs more of this.

  33. You know who the true alpha is? John Madden. I bet at Thanksgiving he’s dominating the conversation, eating off everyone’s plate, then sits in the best chair to pass out like a king.

  34. Stop getting all upset about his statement. He is showing his team that you can still be a tough guy and leader but humble yourself for the betterment of the team. You all are acting like snotty middle school girls, nitpicking every word.

  35. aaronrodgers618
    Mar 3, 2021, 7:28 AM PST
    Stop getting all upset about his statement. He is showing his team that you can still be a tough guy and leader but humble yourself for the betterment of the team. You all are acting like snotty middle school girls, nitpicking every word.


    No doubt. NFL rosters are typically comprised entirely of alpha males, over 50 of them jammed packed in a room or on a field, 6 days a week, for 7-8 months of the year. There might be a method to his madness.

  36. Who TF is this guy lol. This man should probably be in WWE instead. Lions may have found someone worse than Patricia…

  37. There’s a reason Dan Campbell’s isn’t selling his house here in New Orleans.

    He will be back in 3 years.

  38. Chris Spielman was always my least favorite TV analyst because he seemed to have a very limited view of the game from a linebacker’s perspective. I’m not surprised by this ridiculous hire.

  39. nrings says:
    March 3, 2021 at 6:52 am
    Does a “true alpha” ever need to say he’s one?


    Exactly this.

  40. It is waaay to early to pass judgments on Campbell as a coach. He does seem very clumsy in his public statements. For the sake of Lions fans I hope Campbell and Holmes are able to build a contender.

  41. Campbell certainly isn’t like any other NFL coach, except maybe a bit like Vrabel, and that seems to have worked out pretty good for the Titans. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  42. The best part about an alpha like Campbell, is watching all the betas loose their minds and get mad.

  43. When he was hired i said he will be a media darling quote for the next two yrs before being canned

  44. If someone ever looked at me and said “I’m a true alpha,” I don’t think I could ever stop laughing. In my darkest days, my lowest hour, I would look back on that moment and chuckle.

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