Giants release Golden Tate

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Anyone who has been paying any attention to the NFL in recent weeks knows that, for plenty of veteran players, a major squeeze is coming. They’ll either be asked to take less under threat of termination, or they’ll simply be cut without conversation.

The Giants have, as expected, released receiver Golden Tate, per multiple reports.

Tate’s release creates $8.5 million in cap and cash savings for the Giants. However, they’ll take a $4.7 million cap charge to get him off the books, arising from his remaining signing bonus allocation of $2.35 million per year in 2021 and 2022.

Tate caught only 35 passes for 388 yards in 12 games last year. A second-round pick of the Seahawks in 2010, Tate also has played for the Lions and Eagles. He has 695 career receptions for 8,278 yards and 46 touchdowns.

31 responses to “Giants release Golden Tate

  1. When healthy, he’s beast. He doesn’t get much credit but made tough catches when it mattered en route to winning the SB.

  2. If he wants a ring and is willing to take a pay cut, the Patriots could use him.

  3. This is the type of receiver Miami needs to do the short and medium dirty work. Tough dude.

  4. Sounds like a rare case where my Lions actually got rid of a player at the right time and he didn’t go to a new team and start balling. I’m shocked

  5. Very good, not great receiver. He will catch on DEPENDING on what he wants for salary. The decreased cap will hurt the veterans.

  6. I was surprised when I read this. I don’t follow his career, but I remember him being a stud with the Seahawks and lions. Has he really fallen off that much or was he simply a cap casualty?

  7. Belichick has always spoke highly of him, and he did play in a variant of the Patriots’ offense when he was in college. He’d be amazing in New England and a definite asset for their next quarterback.

  8. Come back to the D. Tate is clutch. He also has a knack for getting the yards you need on 3rd down and getting slippery YAC. If you can’t appreciate this dude’s skill set, that’s a YOU problem.

  9. Typical Pete Carroll coached player, that dirty block he threw at Sean Lee should’ve gotten him banned for life

  10. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    March 3, 2021 at 7:57 pm
    If he wants a ring and is willing to take a pay cut, the Patriots could use him.

    You have lost perception of reality that ship has sailed. There’s not going to be any more Super Bowls for you. It was Brady, it wasn’t Belichik.

  11. He might want to wait to sign anywhere until the Russell Wilson situation is resolved. It would pretty awkward if they ended up on the same team again.

  12. He’s a 750 and 4 guy now if he’s healthy. He’s a good number 3 but not worth a big payday.

  13. I’d love to see Tate and Matthew Stafford reunited in LA. Tate’s best years were with Stafford as his QB

  14. If I’m Mike Mayock I pick him up for the Raiders (@ the right cost of course). Then re-sign Cook who was released from the Saints. Waller on one side, Cook on the other. Renfrow in the slot, Ruggs deep and Agholor wherever you need him. Tate as a strong 3rd open by default because who are you going to cover? Allows you to focus the draft on D line and an effective pass rush which will also improve the play of you corners and safeties. Sure couldn’t hurt…

  15. The Lions should offer a base salary of $4 million with incentives to earn another $1-2 million. If he gets more somewhere else, fine.

  16. Tate is a solid player who will still be an effective 3rd WR for a team having a strong QB/coach staff. His career is getting closer to the end rather than the beginning. However, I’m still expecting him to be offered one last decent contract by several teams.

  17. As a Giants fan . I thought Gettleman panicked after OBJ trade and overpaid for Tate, Giants never figured out how to use him.

  18. Four game suspension, throw me the damn ball will get you a quick ticket out. Could have been useful, but provided no value.

  19. Golden Tate laughed at Petey and Snide’s contract offer after the team won the Defensive Holding Gate Bowl and said no to the home town discount.

  20. I haven’t followed him the last couple of years, but I think his production was down. He was fantastic in Seattle and Detroit. The Rams have Cooper Kupp who plays a similar role. I don’t see him coming here.

    I don’t think New England is likely. It wouldn’t shock me if Patricia traded him for the same reasons that Darius Slay and Quandre Diggs became former Lions.

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