Joe Douglas: Our stance on Sam Darnold hasn’t changed

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When Jets General Manager Joe Douglas met the media after Adam Gase was fired as the team’s head coach in January, he said that the team had some decisions to make at quarterback once they hired Gase’s replacement and added that he thinks Sam Darnold has a bright future in the league.

The Jets have hired Robert Saleh as their new head coach since those comments, but Douglas didn’t have any update about what the team is going to do at a Wednesday press conference. He did say that the team’s view of Darnold has not changed since those January comments.

“With Sam, our stance on Sam hasn’t changed,” Douglas said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “He’s an extremely talented player. Very smart, very tough. We have no doubt he’s going to achieve his outstanding potential.”

Douglas said the team doesn’t feel there’s a deadline to make a decision about their plans at quarterback and that they would listen to teams calling about the possibility of trading Darnold. If they decide to use the second overall pick on a quarterback, it’s likely that they’ll be motivated to do more than that.

26 responses to “Joe Douglas: Our stance on Sam Darnold hasn’t changed

  1. Take your 3rd round pick from San Francisco WFT or Chicago and be done with it. You aren’t going to pick up his 5th year option and whoever trades for o will have to

  2. He can have all the potential and bad team excuses in the world, but the fact is that nobody has ever become a top 10 QB after posting bottom 3 numbers in their first three years. Of course anything is possible, but the playing the percentages means drafting a QB at number 2.

  3. Please send him to the NFC West….please!!!! Very Cardinal fan would LOVE to see him in SF or Seattle. If your team is starting Sam…you aren’t winning.

  4. Even if he said “Sam is our quarterback end of story” would that really mean anything..when you are 2-14 and have a new coach EVERYTHING is on the table

  5. The Jets need to make a solid offer for Deshaun Watson or Dak. Sam needs a change of pace and so do Deshaun & Dak. Different isn’t always better but better is always different.

  6. Joe Douglas learned at the feet of the Great Ozzie Newsome The Jets are in great hands with him as GM.

  7. No different than EVERY team says EVERY year when trying to get someone to either trade for your qb or for your rookie pick to take a qb.

  8. Nothing to see here, and Douglas isn’t going to give us anything. He said exactly the same thing about Jamal Adams then traded him.

  9. What I find amusing is how protective Jets fans are of Darnold. Every excuse in the world for his poor play.

  10. His only claim to fame is getting mono. The Jets need to move on from Darnold.

  11. I still think Darnold can play. Its not his fault the Jets have no players. Give him a decent line and wr or two and lets see what he can do. I would like to see him in SF.

  12. The Vikings should consider trading for him. Cousins will play bad for a stretch or two and nothing wrong with putting heat on him. 49ers would be what I would like to see the most.

  13. When Jim Plunkett and Steve Young started their careers on horrible teams, they looked really lousy, and everyone was calling them busts, just like they are with Darnold. Then good franchises, the 49ers and Raiders got ahold of these QB’s and won Super Bowls. There was no bidding war for Steve Young. A lot of people thought Bill Walsh was crazy. Al Davis got the last laugh with Plunkett, too. If Bill Walsh or Al Davis were around now, they’d be praying the Jets were foolish enough to let Darnold get away.

  14. Joe Douglas should focus on his QBs throwing motion bc that “stance” is weak

  15. I’m not sure that I’ve seen much of anything from Darnold indicating he can play at a high level. Yes, he’s had poor coaching, no o-line, and very few legit receivers to throw to. But Joe Burrow was in a similar situation and looked great.

    You don’t need gaudy stats or a boatload of wins your first few seasons, but you need to show an ability to consistently make plays and minimize mistakes. I don’t think I’ve seen that from Darnold.

  16. We feel the same way about Darnold as well. He wasn’t good then and he’s mediocre at best now.

  17. A 2-14 team has a new coach and the second pick in a strong QB draft.

    Sometimes it’s as simple as it looks.

  18. Sam Darnold WILL be an above average quarterback..however they wasted the window to take advantage of his rookie contract and they need to reload with a rookie .I would keep him until training camp unless they are offered a low 1 or very high 2 draft choice..

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