Matt Nagy: Allen Robinson knows how much we love him

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While wide receiver Allen Robinson has seemed less than enthusiastic about the prospect of being franchise tagged, it does appear the option is very much on the table for Chicago.

On Tuesday, General Manager Ryan Pace said there’s been “no firm decision” on tagging Robinson, as the wide receiver’s three-year contract with the Bears is up. And head coach Matt Nagy did his best to make Robinson feel valued during his Tuesday press conference.

“A-Rob knows how much we love him,” Nagy said, via Kevin Fishbain of “A-Rob knows how much that me as a head coach and Ryan as a General Manager, the importance that he brings to the city, to the organization, to his teammates, to all of us. And then … the things that he has done with us and the things that we have done for him, being able to help him be productive, now you get to this point. And this is where Ryan and Joey [Laine, director of football administration] will do their thing and A-Rob and his agent work together and you try to figure out.”

Robinson has been plenty productive in his three years with the Bears, despite inconsistent quarterback play. He caught 102 passes for 1,250 yards with six touchdowns in 2020. Robinson is also 1,908 yards away from becoming the Bears’ all-time leader in receiving yards — a feat he’s acknowledged wanting to achieve.

There’s also the possibility that the Bears could tag and trade Robinson, which would likely set him up for a long-term deal elsewhere.

10 responses to “Matt Nagy: Allen Robinson knows how much we love him

  1. Love, respect, and all those fuzzy feelings don’t mean anything unless they come with a large sum of money.

  2. Pay the man. He’s proven himself on the field, in the locker room and in the community.

  3. I am curious as to how good he is. Who is the number 2 there? If he gets all the looks he is gonna have all the stats.

  4. He’s a great receiver but he unfortunately does not make sense for the Bears right now. A stud WR like ARob is a luxury spend for teams that have a legit title shot and have the cap space (most likely due to a good young QB still on their rookie deal). A tag and trade makes sense of Pace can orchestrate it but a tag and play does not. Buffalo, San Diego, Cincy, Baltimore all come to mind as landing spots.

  5. Imagine Justin Herbert throwing to him in L.A. What a combo they would be… Robinson is going to waste in Chicago.

  6. Can you imagine this guy with the Pack or the Chiefs? Seems like keeping Robinson around a team without a QB is like buying a Maserati when you live on a farm in rural Montana surrounded by gravel roads.

  7. Look at the Bears WR corps without A-Rob. It will be really bad. Only Mooney left. The Bears refuse to pay his value when the QBs throwing him the ball aren’t even any good. He’s not a top-5 WR in the league, but he’s very close to that. They’re stuck because they can’t decide if they’re going for it or tearing down.

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