Matt Nagy looking for leadership, decision-making, mobility in a QB

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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Bears General Manager Ryan Pace said on Tuesday that “everything is on the table” as the team looks for a starting quarterback and head Matt Nagy spent some time later in the day sharing what he’s looking for at the position.

Like Pace, Nagy didn’t dismiss the notion that Nick Foles could start or that Mitchell Trubisky could re-sign with the team. Those options would be unlikely to create many smiles for the team’s fans and, based on recent play, they wouldn’t seem to fit the two most important criteria that Nagy wants from a player.

“Leadership, decision-making and if you have some versatility as a quarterback with your legs, great,” Nagy said, via the Arlington Daily Herald. “If you don’t, no problem. We can work around it.”

Alex Smith‘s name has come up in conjunction with the Bears due to his past association with Nagy in Kansas City. Mobility isn’t his strong suit, but Nagy did mention him as a strong example of the kind of leadership he’s looking for at quarterback.

13 responses to “Matt Nagy looking for leadership, decision-making, mobility in a QB

  1. As usual in Chicago, it sounds like he doesn’t know what he wants. “If you don’t [have any or all of those qualities], no problem? We can work around it?” What kind of leadership is that? No you can’t Matt, because you have shown you can’t. The Bears have been showing they can’t for as long as I have lived here (43 years).

  2. I’d love for the Bears to use their picks to rebuild the OL and pickup CB/WR/RB talent. If the Bears use early picks on the OL, it doesn’t matter if Alex Smith can’t run.

    They can take a QB later (e.g. Carr, Wilson, Prescott, Minshew).

  3. I’d love to see Alex Smith in Chicago. He already knows the system, has played at a high level in the system and is the type of QB who is a great complement to a good defense (WFT cutting him made me say WTF given the team’s win-loss record with and without him).

    If Tarik Cohen returns to form, their second-round tight end from last year can play and they franchise Allen Robinson, he has the type of supporting cast that he has proven he can excel with. I predict the NFC north could be a lot more interesting with Alex Smith leading the Bears.

  4. And a strong arm and able to make tight throws and able to know when to evade and…so that’s why the bears have never had a QB. They were looking for the opposite.

  5. When I think of mobility and decision making… I think of Mitch Trubisky. Re-sign the man!

  6. I can see the Bears trading up for Justin Fields.
    I would hate this with every fiber of my being. I also can completely see it happening.

  7. Sounds like a perfect landing sport for Ian Book in the middle rounds. My condolences if that happens.

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