Proposed rule change would delay coach hirings until after Super Bowl

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NFL teams may have to wait until after the Super Bowl to hire coaches, if a proposed rule change goes into effect.

The Bills have submitted a proposal to the league office that would prevent hirings of new coaches until after the Super Bowl, according to Albert Breer of

The proposal would also bar interviews for front-office and coaching positions until after the conference championship games.

If the rule change were adopted, it would shift the coach hiring cycle by a few weeks, and it would be advantageous to assistant coaches on playoff teams, who currently have a limited window of time to interview and can’t take a new job until their team’s postseason run is over.

Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is an example of an assistant who might have received a head-coaching offer this year if coaches couldn’t be hired until after the Super Bowl.

Some teams may oppose this rule change on the theory that teams with new coaches are already crunched for time in the offseason, and delaying hirings until after the Super Bowl would only make it harder to assemble a full staff and get to work on the offseason.

Such proposals are voted on by the 32 teams at the offseason league meeting.

41 responses to “Proposed rule change would delay coach hirings until after Super Bowl

  1. It’s about damn time. Only then can everyone, regardless of their skin color, get a fair shot at those jobs.

  2. Nice in theory but in practice the phone calls will still happen among orgs out of the playoffs.

  3. If the NFL wants to solve this hiring problem just force teams to select the two best (in their opinion) candidates that they have actually interviewed and have a coin toss to decide who gets hired.

  4. There’s absolutely zero reason to for this. ZERO. Otherwise, please explain:

    Brian Flores, hired after SB LIII.
    Zac Taylor, hired after SB LIII.
    Matt Patricia, hired after SB LII.
    Josh McDaniels/Frank Reich hired after SB LII.
    Kyle Shanahan, hired after SB LI.
    Dan Quinn, hired after SB XLIX.

    If a team wants a certain coordinator, they’ll wait just fine.

  5. Very bad rule. Allow the free market to work. It would make it hard to attract coaches from college. Very hard to assemble staffs as well.

  6. It also puts current playoff teams at a disadvantage… I’ve never understood letting a coach who’s still playing for something to take a different job. I wouldn’t want my OC or DC thinking about his next job while he should be concentrating 100% of their efforts on their next opponent.

  7. Common sense rears it’s head in a league that still can’t comprehend the Ideal Gas Law.

  8. They might as well install the legal tampering period right from the start.

  9. Good.

    Now EB can get a fair shake after the Chiefs go to the Super Bowl for the third time I a row.

  10. Will lead to canning more coaches in week 13, to replace before year is over.

  11. Todd Bowles could’ve been one of those that would’ve been asked to interview? Have you seen his resume as a HC? It’s only one step better than Matt Patricia’s resume as a HC. Sometimes good coordinators are bad HCs.

  12. Nothing will stop backroom handshakes and lining up one’s staff before it becomes a feeding frenzy

  13. If a team has to wait until after the SB to hire new coaches, gm’s, etc. Who represents said team at pre-superbowl games like the Senior Bowl?

  14. both sides have sound arguments, so then it comes down to why change it then. If you try to fix everything that is kind of broke you will be here all day.

  15. After watching KC’s SB performance eric bieniemy would have had a better chance interviewing before SB

  16. Bad idea, winning teams should have advantage in keeping their staffs together

  17. Teams will hire whoever they want.

    Any rule associated with this process is a pointless exercise.

  18. It’s a good rule. They should also add a rule where teams can’t deny a coach the chance to interview, even if they’re under contract.

  19. Good move for optics and that’s about it. The only thing that will change is the news cycle for coaching hires.

  20. Interesting too, considering that a 17 game season may push the SB back a week. And how long before someone proposes an 18 game regular season? SB in March?

  21. Way overdue. The 2015 Panthers had both coordinators trying to get head coaching jobs instead of game-planning for the Super Bowl. Von Miller ended up making them look silly.

  22. Good move. Coaches with playoff teams should not be distracted by the interview and hiring process.

  23. A few pro coaches canned at end of season will also take college jobs in the five week delay period before they can begin interviewing for pros.

  24. Shouldnt even be allowed to interview until after the Super Bowl. Period.

  25. Seems better to have a rule that can be followed, rather than a corrupt rule in which the league “looks the other way” — like all those bad super bowl calls by the third team on the field — officials.

  26. The current rules are anti-parity since they keep good coordinators on good teams.

  27. Doesn’t matter . . . our Vikings will still pick a coach who can’t win the big one.

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