Terry Bradshaw confirms “Thomas Brady” fake name story

Super Bowl XXXVI - Fox Postgame Show
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The story hid in plain sight for 38 years, the last half of which consisted of Tom Brady being a star NFL quarterback. Only today, the anniversary of Terry Bradshaw’s 1983 supposedly minor (but ultimately career ending) elbow surgery, did the nugget emerge that Bradshaw used an assumed name when he entered the hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana: Thomas Brady.

“Tom Brady! How lucky am I?” Bradshaw told Ed Bouchette of TheAthletic.com. “There’s no question he and I are linked at the hip — same initials, same number. I had hair back then. I was a sex symbol. I had it all going then.”

Bradshaw hasn’t previously mentioned the connection, and if he has no one noticed. We interviewed him at the Super Bowl in early 2020 and described him as “the original TB12,” a perfect opening for a “well, you know” sort of story.

Bradshaw shared a “well, you know” sort of story to end his brief chat with Bouchette.

“Let me tell you this, and you’re only going to get this from the original TB, all right?” Bradshaw said. “I went 4-0 in the Super Bowl. All right, first one. The second one to do it was the greatest of all time, Joe Montana. All right? He tied my record, never broke it.

“Then comes Tom Brady. I’m 4-0, Joe’s 4-0. Brady wins his seventh. Win eight, win nine, who cares? Now you take seven victories but you subtract his three losses and you come up with four. Four, four, four. That’s all I got to say and I got to go.”

And there went the original TB12.

12 responses to “Terry Bradshaw confirms “Thomas Brady” fake name story

  1. what ever makes you feel good Terry, 7 wins is 7 wins- but you can claim never losing which Tom can not

  2. Sorry Terry, you can’t subtract 3 losses from 7 wins and get 4 wins. It’s seven wins. Period.

    All the 3 losses mean is 7 could have been 10. Deal…

  3. C’mon, Terry. Brady has won 10 conference championship games. How many did you and Joe each win?

  4. Only in the bizarre world of NFL chatrooms does a guy get extra credit for losing before the SB.

  5. Terry B was never considered the greatest in his own generation. Not even in the conversation. He was part of some great all time teams though.

  6. Lol Bradshaw played when football was football, not the watered down flag football ushered in by Brady. Brady wouldn’t have lasted 5 years back then.

  7. Bradshaw is funnier than anything. I loved when he was an analyst. He was awesome. He combined knowledge and humor. That was many moons ago, but he’s still funny.

  8. I’m sorry Terry how many HOF’ers you play with? And Tom maybe 1. Ok I’ll give you 2 with the what 2 years of Moss

  9. To Steelers fans, Terry Bradshaw and homeboy Dan Marino will always be linked.

    There were people in the FO that wanted to draft Marino but Bradshaw had misled them about his injury and told them he could play for several more years. The surgery, which they opposed, was done on the QT by TB and was a butcher job.

    What coulda been….long time between Terry and Ben in terms of franchise QBs.

  10. How much do you subtract for never being good enough to get to more than 4 bowls terry.

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