Tom Brady discloses that he has had knee surgery

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We’ve known that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady needs knee surgery. We’ve heard, from his coach, that Brady will be ready to go in June. We hadn’t heard that the procedure has occurred.

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Brady disclosed that the surgery has happened.

I actually had knee surgery, so I’m kind of rehabbing now, which is giving me something to do, although I’d much rather be kind of staying active like I normally do,” Brady said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

It’s unknown whether Brady checked into the hospital under the name “Terrence Bradshaw.”

The surgery had been described as “minor.” The Boston Globe has reported that the procedure is “more than just a little clean-up,” and that (citing an unnamed source), “[w]hen it comes out, all this does is build his legend even greater.”

As previously noted, Brady and/or those close to him should tread lightly when it comes to embellishing the condition that led to the surgery. At some point, Brady could get the Buccaneers in hot water for never disclosing on any of the 2020 injury reports that he had a knee injury

14 responses to “Tom Brady discloses that he has had knee surgery

  1. The only thing left Brady hasn’t accomplished is an undefeated season. Deep down, that might be why he is still playing.

  2. Are they required to report the injury if he didn’t miss practice or games?

    I’d be surprised if the NFL did anything. Leveon Bell missed practice for “personal reasons” leading up to the 2017 playoff game against NE. He had to come out of the game in the fist quarter and was later reported he had knee injury coming into the game. He was never on the injury report and the NFL did not penalize the Steelers. There’s other pretty blatant examples where the NFL did nothing, can’t see them acting here.

  3. It’s very common for players to undergo minor surgeries in the off season to “clean things up”. Every team has individuals that do that.

  4. Prob part of why Belichick from 2019 was only offering 1yr instead of 3yr deals, as he’d have known those knees were getting a bit creaky. Not that Pats had any money left for a serious 2020 title run (and much less than that if Brady had stayed) but it probably simplified things.

  5. Is that where he hid the phone? Oh that’s right he smashed it to destroy the evidence.

  6. jameshodges says:
    March 3, 2021 at 11:47 am
    The only thing left Brady hasn’t accomplished is an undefeated season. Deep down, that might be why he is still playing.

    I would add, a second career 2 peat in 2021, and if he does, and the body holds firm, he might as well go for a 3 peat in 2022.

  7. I don’t know still doubts Tom Brady , but whoever does is intellectually challenged .

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