“What more do you have to prove?” Gisele asked Tom Brady after Super Bowl win

Super Bowl LV
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Four years ago, when Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl after erasing a 28-3 deficit against the Falcons to cap a season that began with a four-game #Deflategate suspension, Brady’s spouse suggested that it would be the perfect time to walk away. He didn’t.

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Brady revealed the first words that his wife, Gisele Bundchen, shared with him after winning Super Bowl LV. “What more do you have to prove?” she said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

So what did Brady do?

“I just gave her a big hug,” Brady told Corden. “I was trying to figure out a way to change the subject really quick. I think I moved onto something else pretty quickly.”

In an April 2020 interview with Howard Stern, Brady peeled back the curtain a bit regarding tensions in his marriage. It definitely has seemed in recent years that his career has continued only as the product of a delicate compromise between husband and wife, with the possibility that, at some point, Mrs. Brady will say, “Enough.”

The move to Tampa by all appearances has helped, and there’s no reason to think Brady won’t keep going. And there’s also no reason to believe that his wife won’t stop asking him why he keeps going.

31 responses to ““What more do you have to prove?” Gisele asked Tom Brady after Super Bowl win

  1. Myself, I’m watching and waiting for him to pass 100,000 yards passing regular and post season combined. Brady currently has 91,653 so there is only 8,347 to go which should be achievable with two more seasons.

    Drew Brees has 85,174
    Peyton Manning has 79,279
    Brett Favre has 77,693

    Plus, Brady has two more Super Bowls to win.

  2. What does he have left to prove? That a guy can win a SB at the age of 45, of course!

  3. He will play till 45 to keep his own words and that’s it. I don’t think his marriage will allow him to play beyond age 45.

  4. He wants a perfect season, ending in a Super Bowl win. The one he narrowly missed in Feb 2008.

  5. Brady has 1-3 years left (probably 1-2 realistically). Why wouldn’t he play for as long as he can? He still has his health and he’s playing well. He’ll miss it when it’s over so I don’t blame him for wanting to continue.

  6. Because football is better with TB12 a part of it. We’re all watching history every time he takes the field. He should play for as long as he would like to.

  7. I’m always confused as to why people say “retire already” to Brady. What rational reason would they’re be?

    (Aside from the pleading masses of fans from other teams of course—they’re too negatively impacted to be rational sources of opinion)

    Bottom line: If you’re good at what you do, still want you to do it, and it makes you happy, then do it as long as you want or can. That’s what Brady is doing. Age doesn’t dictate it. Success or failure does. He’ll stop when no one wants him to be their QB anymore and he can’t compete. He just bested everyone again. There’s no reason in his mind and in reality to think he can’t keep doing it.

    It already has cost Mahomes a couple of titles, but that’s how competition works.

  8. He’s proving that it was all him. One more ring while Belichick flounders at 8-8 oughta do it.

  9. Ok. I’m going to say it. I like Brady now. Especially since he’s left the AFC East.

  10. What is there left to prove? Oh I don’t know maybe that the “experts” were wrong on draft day, or that they were wrong again when he said at the age of 37 that he wanted to play until at least the age of 45, and everyone laughed at him. The guy is the letter A in the term alpha male, and the chip on his shoulder is so large you can’t see his head, and that’s what makes him so damn good. So when people tell him X,Y, and Z are impossible for a quarterback to accomplish Brady takes it not only as a challenge, but he takes it personal

  11. Sounds like Brady followed Don Draper’s advice. “If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.”

  12. Just sit back and enjoy witnessing him play while we still can, folks. When he does finally hang them up there won’t be a comeback tour. We’re all witnessing an aura, a mystique, a legend that will be talked about for decades. Those of us that had the pleasure of watching Marino, Elway, Favre, Peyton and even Montana got to see legends in their primes, but Brady is in a tier above even those all time greats now. *not a Pats or Bucs fan, just an appreciative fan of the game that is looking forward to telling my grandkids about the Legend of Tom Brady in the same manner I tell my kids about Legend of Michael Jordan today.

  13. I like watching TB compete. That being said, walking away a champion and on top with his health is a fair question.

  14. Football is not Brady’s profession anymore, it’s his hobby. We all know how us guys love our hobbies. With a wife who is a multi-millionare he is afford this luxury. I say if his heart is in it and loves doing it I say let go and do it.

  15. She’s right. He’s already the GOAT so all he’s doing now is chasing stats. Every time he takes the field he’s risking injury. He may seem healthy now but lots of players retire looking healthy and a few years later can’t remember their kids’ names.

  16. Every once in a while I’ll watch a YouTube clip of Joe Montana or Steve Young or Barry Sanders and wish, if for only a week, I could watch them play live again. When a great player plays, you really should watch because one day they’ll never do it again.

    That’s how I feel about Brady. That’s how I felt about him before he became a Buc, so you can imagine my insane happiness about him now being a Buc.

    Who knows how much more time he has left? Maybe the cliff comes next year, or maybe he has two or three more left in him.

    All I know is, I’m definitely going to a Bucs game this upcoming year.

  17. Brady is afraid of not being in the limelight….doesn’t want to grow up. Great Qb but not a great mind.

  18. Jake Jacobson says:

    March 3, 2021 at 11:05 am

    She’s right. He’s already the GOAT so all he’s doing now is chasing stats. Every time he takes the field he’s risking injury. He may seem healthy now but lots of players retire looking healthy and a few years later can’t remember their kids’ names.
    Because OF COURSE it cant be that he just enjoys the game and is good at it, nope it has to be because hes padding his stats. The jealousy on some is astounding. You see it in basketball with Lebron as well because these people have never been good far less great at anything so they have nothing but jealousy and try to find shots to take at them.

  19. He wants the ‘Perfect Season’ 19-0

    It end all debates – ALL Debates!!!

    Belichick, without Brady, will never win another SB.

  20. Belichick, without Brady, will never win another SB.


    The reasoning of Belichick’s believers is like this :

    #1, Belichick was very smart and not willing to pay big to build WR, RB and OL group of high quality (these Belichick’s believers talk like other coaches love to give fat contracts).
    #2, As a result, under Belichick, the talents around his QB was subpar, which left his QB no choice but to move the chains little by little, because they didn’t have receivers with whom they could throw downfield to (Belichick’s believers call it “vision”).
    #3, It didn’t work and ruined the career of Kosar and Bledsoe, and most recently Cam.
    #4, Brady took over and was able to produce top offense out of the cheap WR group Belichick gave to him.
    #5, Belichick’s believers then claimed that it was because Brady fitted Belichick’s system or his vision.

    I don’t know how to describe such stupidity, it is like claiming that people from 500 years ago already knew how to make plane, because they dreamed of flying or had vision of flying.

  21. Heck, he just loves playing football and obviously can still do so effectively. I suspect the issue is that his compulsion/dedication doesn’t leave as much family time and the kids are only young once. I can see both sides of that coin.

  22. Tom Brady seems more and more like a kid who scores 96 on a test but cheats for the extra 4 points just to rub it in your face.

    I’m really sorry Brady found it personally embarrassing to get drafted 199th overall, and to have an unflattering picture of his shirtless, forlorn self still going viral 25 years later. It’s now to the point where even one of his own o-lineman put the picture on a t-shirt and wore it proudly en route to a playoff game or the Super Bowl or whatever.

    Get over it and grow up.

    There is something cringe-worthy about watching a 45 year old man yelling at kids half his age over a game they’re not performing to his standards.

  23. I’ve seen Montana, steve young and a couple other mvp qbs in person and none of them have anything like Brady’s commanding presence on the field. It’s incredible, everyone in the stadium including the opposing team can tell who’s in charge as soon as he comes out and starts warming up. Hope he plays as long as possible because we’ll never see it again.

  24. IF I was ask my advice I would say Tom do what makes YOU Happy. Live is to short to not live it your way. Bill

  25. It’s no longer about proving anything.

    It’s about putting what he has done out of reach for anyone.

    And a love of the game and continuing to make those who passed on a “fat kid” out of Michigan continue to pay.

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