Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence? Chris Simms says yes Boca Raton Bowl - BYU v Central Florida
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When it comes to 2021 quarterback prospects, the biggest question for most analysts is, “Who’s No. 2?” For one analyst, the question of who’s No. 1 is more important.

On Wednesday’s PFT Live, Chris Simms pulled the sheet from his 2021 quarterback draft rankings. He has in the top spot not Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence but BYU’s Zach Wilson.

Simms explains himself in the attached video. He also thinks that, if the Jaguars (as expected) take Lawrence, the Jets should sprint to the podium to take Wilson, resisting any temptation to package the second overall selection to get proven commodities at the position like Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson.

Simms has Lawrence at No. 2, followed by Alabama’s Mac Jones, Kellen Mond of Texas A&M, Ohio State’s Justin Fields, and Trey Lance of North Dakota State. Simms thinks all six could be first-round picks.

Scoff if you will (and scoff you will), but Simms has done a very good job of evaluating incoming quarterbacks. He loved Patrick Mahomes in 2017, and he had Lamar Jackson as his top prospect in 2018 until some of the people he knows in league circles shamed him into dropping Lamar behind Josh Allen. (Both are pretty good.) Last year, he loved Justin Herbert, putting both Herbert and Jordan Love ahead of Tua Tagovailoa. (Both Herbert and Love were behind Joe Burrow.)

Time will tell, as it always does. Regardless, Simms is willing to go against the crowd — and he’s definitely doing that here.

30 responses to “Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence? Chris Simms says yes

  1. He’s right. Lawrence isn’t accurate enough to be great in the NFL. Put on the tape and see.

  2. Did Simms have pick Danny Dimes high too? Come on now, Lawrence is just better and I think we all know that.

  3. I disagree with Simms. However, I’m trading out of top spot if I’m not taking Lawrence. Getting more value, then picking who II would have picked at the lower, cheaper draft spot. Heck, sounds like a plot for a good movie……..

  4. It’s really all a crapshoot anyway. What team does the pick go to? Both the Jags and Jets have huge holes to dig themselves out of, which will be even tougher with the reduced cap this year.

    I hope they all do well in the NFL, but clearly most don’t. Just look at the number of first round QBs being questioned or possibly traded this offseason.

  5. PFT just posted an article about how 1 maybe 2 (maybe 0, I don’t recall) ‘s drafted in RD 1 since 2011 are still with their team of origin.

    JAX, listen to me, don’t screw this up

  6. The guy who for years (and still) claims Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady says what?

  7. We are forgetting that the Jags have a horrible roster. How many great QBs are ruined by the teams around them? We will never know…on another note is it just me or is there going to be lots of teams that may not get 4 wins. Jets, Lions, Eagles, Texans, Falcons, Bengals, jags, Giants, Bears, Broncos. Yikes.

  8. Amen Simmsy! Amen. Jets need to take Zach Wilson and coach him up in the Shanahan WC offense.

  9. streetyson says:
    March 3, 2021 at 12:25 pm
    The guy who for years (and still) claims Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady says what?


    Hey, give Rodgers a break; he rocks as many rings as Trent Dilfer and Nick Foles (no disrespect to either of those two).

  10. We’ve seen Lawrence more than Wilson and he has won more than Wilson because he has a stronger unit behind him, so that’s why most people believe Lawrence is better, but when you look at skill set of Wilson and Lawrence, they both look like strong 1st round picks. I don’t think teams can go wrong drafting either of them.

    I’m glad Simms put Jones ahead of Fields and Lance. Jones isn’t the most physically gifted QB, but he has the awareness and understanding of an NFL veteran right now. I see him as the 3rd best QB in this draft. Fields, Lance, and every other QB in this draft, are development projects that may or may not work out.

  11. Simms definitely likes to go against the grain, no matter how foolish.
    He dropped Brady from his top 5 QB’s like 3 Lombardies ago

  12. Lawrence looks really good throwing to wide open receivers by yards that are playing against inferior talent, he has yet to show any ability to throw (or be willing to) into tight places the 1/2 yard or less NFL standard of being open. He can run but like Luck and Newton that means a short career. BYU’s QB pretty much played against low level quite a bit inferior teams in talent. That is the risk, only the Bama QB saw decent talent almost every week, but his arm is to week. The teams drafting early really should trade down and build the roster first.

  13. The fact that he had Lamar Jackson as his top prospect in 2018 is hardly an endorsement of his QB evaluation skills.

  14. One team is gonna get the prototypical “big guy in the pocket” QB in Lawrence. One team is gonna get the prototypical new-age play-action/run around type of QB in Wilson. How each of those teams schemes up their offense for those particular players will determine who is successful a lot more than what type of QB that player is.

  15. Are we just going to gloss over the fact that Simms had Kellen Mond at #4? I haven’t seen anyone else put him close to the first round.

  16. Kellen Mond as a 1st rounder? Really? Most people have him as a 4th-5th round prospect.

  17. I feel sorry for whatever QB has to play for the jets. Need an example?? Just ask Sam Darnold…ROFL!!

  18. Simms is that guy who runs the log ride at any amusement park and stands under the umbrella all day.

  19. Choosing a quarterback’s skills in a team sport is no easy task. I give Chris Simms credit on his analysis and not being misled by the stronger college teams. Projection for the NFL is a skill that involves many factors. I agree with Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence for the number one QB pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Moreover I would have chosen Herbert over Tua. However I still think Tua will be very good with more talented receivers in 2021.

  20. Remember when Joe Theisman said the Cowboys should pick Tony Mandarich over Troy Aikman?

  21. Wherever Lawrence looks, thats where he throws, NFL defenses will have field days against him !!!

  22. If you go back to Simms’ video years ago, he ranked Trubisky higher than Mahomes.

  23. They might both wind up as great QBs, but I would take the guy with 3 years of experience against high level competition including college football playoff games, over the 1 year wonder who played against inferior competition.

  24. Haven’t seen Wilson play. Betting he’s a drop back QB? You would think the Jags would drool over Fields? That would be funny if they took him with the first.

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